Fall Newsletter 2020

Summer has come to a close and fall is in full force with winter fast approaching! Before the snow falls, we wanted to give you an update on all the great things that we worked on over the summer.

  • We formed a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion team and have set out to understand and address structural racism within our organization and in the context of the work we do.
  • We operated our Bike Ferry and Trailside Center safely and successfully during this summer of COVID-19.
  • We turned our in-person safety, education, and Learning Network workshops into webinars and reached more people than ever.
  • We continued to offer our E-bike Lending Library so Vermonters could get outside in a new and fun way.
  • We maintained over three miles of protected bike lanes in Burlington.

But that’s not all! Read more about what we’ve done this summer by scrolling through our fall newsletter. 

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Summer Newsletter 2020

If the last several months have taught us anything, it’s how important it is for Local Motion to be adaptable and resilient. Practically overnight, we have transformed the way we communicate with our community of supporters, volunteers, and partners, reimagined much of our programming, and found new ways to deliver it. As we learned of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and too many others, we began the difficult process of evaluating our role in becoming antiracist in our work.  

These are challenging times, and what we do has never been more important. We have provided leadership and expertise in supporting communities as they create new spaces for people to recreate, commute, shop, and be outside by advocating for—and even helping to maintain—everything from expanded parklets to new and improved bike infrastructure. Our instructional video series is helping new and returning riders (and there are many of them!) be safe as they discover the joy and utility of bicycling. Many of these same riders are utilizing our expanded E-bike Lending Libraries as a way to try an electric bike for the first time. 

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Charting a New Course

By Sarah Illingworth, Local Motion's Communications Coordinator 

I’ve lived in the South End of Burlington for 4 years now. Every second was a blast! I was within walking distance to literally EVERYTHING. Farmer’s Market? Check! Church Street? Check! Waterfront Events? Check! Food Truck Fridays? Check! Shy Guy Gelato? CHECK! Fitness Gym? Check! Having the ability to just lace up my shoes and walk to anywhere my heart desired was a total bulls-eye. It enabled me to move my body, help the environment, become immersed in my community, and be present. So when I got the Communications Coordinator job at Local Motion it was the icing on the cake! Now I didn’t even need to turn my car on ALL week. 

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The Joy of Finding the Right Bike for Your Body

By Mary Catherine Graziano, Local Motion's Senior Manager, Education, and Safety Programs

I work for a bike organization, and until a week ago, I didn’t really enjoy biking.  For me, biking has always been more theoretically fun than actually fun—there was fun, sometimes—, But it occurred in brief snatches gleaned from a trip like chocolate chips in a particularly fiber-filled trail mix. For me, biking is hard work, requires a lot of concentration, and I always felt a little like I was skating on the edge of a painful disaster.

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New Outdoor Recreation COVID-19 Restrictions

We’ve had new guidance from Governor Scott on outdoor recreation, and we’d like to help folks parse it out a bit. 

As the state begins its “Play Smart and Play Safe” protocol, the golden rule will continue to be: be mindful of your most vulnerable family members and neighbors, and err on the side of caution to protect them

The new guidance doesn’t change much for people recreating, but more places will be open.

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