Darker, Colder, Wetter

When it is cold, wet or dark, I tend to only ride for practical transportation. I use my bike to get to work, do errands and shop and I choose the shortest route possible, to limit my time outside. Occasionally,  I will do a "fun ride"  but only if it  also includes a practical aspect as well. For example; I live in Winooski, and work in Burlington so I will make my commute my "fun ride" - taking the longer route to work by way of Mallets Bay and the Burlington Bike Path.  This past winter has thrown some challenges my way in terms of Cold, Wet and Dark but I've learned a lot along the way and while I'm not counting down the days until I get to ride again in the cold, dark and wet, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't slightly looking forward to it - I've included some of what I've learn after the flip, so hopefully I can encourage you to  ride despite the cold, dark and wet weather that will be back before we know it.

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Local Motion's Bike Fleet

sq_bikes.jpgAsk any cycling enthusiast, “What is the ideal number of bikes to own?” and they will most likely respond with "n+1" - where "n" is the number of bikes currently owned and 1 is the bike you have your eye on.


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H.8 - Distracted Driving

This bill would increase the penalties for a second offense distracted driver as defined in 23 V.S.A § 1095b.

The increased penalties would...

  • add points to an individual's record
  • require the retaking of the written motorist DMV test
  • require revocation of a junior license for 30 days
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S.51 - 90% Renewable Energy

This bill would establish Vermont's renewable energy goals (90% by 2050) in statute

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S.84 - Motor Vehicle Emissions

This bill would establish more specific vehicle emission inspections provisions and stiffen the legal definition of "following too closely". This bill would also impose significant fines for installing or using emission defeating devices.

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H.46 - Bicycle Registration Fee

This bill would require a $10 registration fee for all bicycles

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H.355 - Exempting motor-assisted bicycles from sales and use tax

This bill would remove sales and use tax from the purchase of motor assisted bicycles.

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The Many Faces of a Single Yellow Bike

sq._yellow_bike.jpgOwning a bicycle is not a static experience. As my bike riding evolves, and my needs change and so does the bicycle I ride. Most daily practices change over time, sometimes slowly and sometimes quickly. 


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BTV Gears Up for Major Bike Improvements in 2017

Burlington_center_city_bike_network_--_2017_v3_map_only.jpgBurlington is finally set to make real progress on becoming a biking city!  This year, the City has committed to an ambitious list of bike-related improvements to streets (as well as a whole lot of improvements for walking) to ensure that Burlington becomes as bike and walk friendly as possible.  Local Motion has been working closely with DPW and the mayor for the last six months to shape a high-impact package of improvements that focus primarily on the "center city" area (Old North End, downtown/waterfront, hill section up to the UVM green, and south end to Howard).  By the end of 2017, Burlington will have a basic connected network throughout this area!

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Bicycle-Related Changes Made to VTrans Crash Form

crash_form_thumb.jpgThe Vermont uniform crash report form gets tweaked just about every year in response to requests from law enforcement and others.  This year, it got a significant upgrade to bike-related fields.  This will begin to address a chronic problem with regard to data on bike crashes in Vermont:  way too many crashes where the bike-related factors are "other" or "unknown."  This is something Local Motion has been quietly but doggedly working on for the last few years.  Progress! 

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