Everything You Need to Know About E-bikes in Vermont

E-bikes are an excellent way to significantly increase your ability to make biking a part of daily life, and are a viable option to replace some car trips with bike trips. The battery-powered motor provides just the right amount of help, and addresses several bike-related transportation barriers such as trip distance, disabilities, hills, cargo and child carrying, and more!

Thanks to partners at municipal, regional, and state levels, Local Motion provides programs and resources to spread the word about these benefits and support e-bike use in Vermont.

E-bike Promotions & Resources

Free Consultations

VBike’s offers Free E-bike Consultations for Everyone!

  • If you’re interested in an e-bike but are not sure which one is right for you, sign up for a free e-bike consultation with VBike!


Vermont State Incentive

The State of Vermont has a limited-time incentive program for the purchase of an e-bike through a participating e-bike retailer for Vermont residents.

  • eligibility is limited to the purchase of an e-bike expected to serve basic transportation needs and to reduce or avoid vehicle miles traveled in an automobile.
  • an application must be submitted PRIOR to purchase
    • once approved, a prepaid debit card voucher will be mailed to consumers
    • the prepaid debit card voucher must be redeemed at the point-of-sale at a participating retailer to be applied towards the purchase of an eligible e-bike
  • incentive eligibility includes income requirements based on adjusted gross income
  • incentive amount is based on income, and type of e-bike (standard, cargo, or adaptive)

See Drive Electric Vermont's State Incentive's page for full program details, eligibility, and how to apply


  • Opportunities Credit Union & Old Spokes Home
    • This partnership provides e-bikes at low rates to Vermonters who are referred by partner organizations to Old Spokes Home's Everybody Bikes program when purchasing an e-bike for transportation
      • No minimum loan amount
      • up to $4000 financing available
      • rates at low as 0% depending on household income

Vermont E-bike Regulations

Vermont defines e-bikes using a three-tiered classification system. 


Power actuation

Assist cut-off 

Power Limit

Class 1 E-bike  

 Pedal-assist only

 20 MPH

 749 watts

Class 2 E-bike

 Throttle (usually with pedal assist)

Class 3 E-bike

 Pedal-assist only

 28 MPH


E-bikes in Vermont

X Are not considered motor vehicles

X Are not subject to registration, inspection, title, license, or financial requirements

✔ Must have fully operable pedals

✔ Are governed as bicycles under VT law (follow same rules of the road)

✔ Operators are considered vulnerable users

Regulation information is sourced from the website of the Legislature of the State of Vermont.


E-Bike Lending Libraries

Looking to try out an e-bike? See where you can find a lending library near you!


Looking to Find out where to Charge your E-Bike in Burlington?

The Burlington Electric Department has created a great interactive map showing e-bike charging stations around Burlington. Click here to view!