Valet Bike Parking

"Avoid the fuss, leave the bike with us!"

Valet Bike Parking is a secure bike parking service that allows riders to safely park their bikes with a conscientious attendant and enjoy the event worry-free. In 2019, Local Motion provided Valet Bike Parking to events throughout the greater Burlington area and parked over 9,000 bikes for satisfied riders.

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In addition to keeping bikes safe, hiring Valet Bike Parking for your event incentivizes people to choose a sustainable transportation option for travel to and from your event. 

What Valet Bike Parking brings to your event:

  • Continuous supervision to ensure bike security
  • A claim check system to ensure bikes go home with the correct person
  • Extended service - if a bike is left past the end of the event it is never abandoned
  • A neat, tidy, and condensed area for bikes that would otherwise be scattered around the grounds

For more information please contact [email protected]

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Volunteer for Valet Bike Parking

Valet Bike Parking is available at various events all summer long, but we need volunteers to keep it going! Check back in the spring of 2023 for volunteer opportunities. 

Valet Bike Parking Testimonials

Don't take it from us that Valet Bike Parking is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Below is what some of our satisfied customers have to say about getting the red carpet treatment when they arrive by bike!

"Thank you so much Local Motion for all of your help with City events this summer! Valet Bike Parking is a wonderful program and we are so thankful for Local Motion’s dedication to helping us get people to commute on bikes to our events. The numbers parked at each event show that people really respond to being able to use that service, and your volunteers are an always cheery face at the front gate. Please pass along our gratitude for a job well done!"

                 - Emma of Burlington Parks, Recreation & Waterfront