Rental FAQs

Our 2024 season starts on May 4th.  We can't wait to see you!

Hours of Operation: 9am-6pm Daily, May - Early October

We strongly recommend that you make a reservation for your bike rentals.
We do not accept cash as payment for bike rentals.

Please note: There is no after-hours drop-off. Bikes must be returned by 6 pm unless bikes are rented for multiple days. 

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Rental proceeds support Local Motion's non-profit advocacy mission to make it safe, accessible, and fun for everyone to bike, walk, and roll in Vermont.


How long can I rent a bike?

We offer a 3 hour rental period or a Full Day rental period. All rentals start at the time you select when reserving your bike. 3 hours rentals are due back 3 hours after the time you select for pick up. Full Day rentals must be returned by 6 pm that day. You may rent bikes for multiple days by adding days to your reservation. Please note that E-bikes rented overnight MUST be kept in a secure, indoor location. 

What kind of bikes do you offer?

We offer “sporty” and “relaxed” style bikes for adults, e-bikes (age 16+), various kids bikes, and adult bikes with kids trailers or tagalongs attached. We also have a couple of adaptive bikes. We do not offer mountain bikes or road bikes.

 Do you have bikes for kids? 

Yes, we offer various sizes of kids bikes. We also offer adults bikes with either a trailer or a tag-along attached. Please note that there is no option to rent an e-bike with a trailer or tag-along. 

Trailers can fit up to 2 children. Children must be 18 months old or OLDER for everyone's safety. Inserts are available for smaller children. Trailers can hold up to 100 lbs. We do not carry infant seats so we cannot accommodate children younger than 18 months old.

Tag-alongs are kids bikes that are attached to an adult bike. 

This is suitable for children who are not able to ride on their own, but are able to keep themselves in an upright position. We’d suggest this is an option for a child who is 4 years or above, has good balance and can confidently use a pedal bike (without training wheels). They will need to be mature enough to understand they cannot just climb off the tag-along when they want to.  Tag-alongs have a weight limit of 80 lbs.

Do you have adaptive bikes?

Yes! We have an adult tricycle and a DUET wheelchair tandem bike.  

What size should I reserve?

Please refer to the sizing charts when you are making your reservation and select the size that corresponds to your height. 

It says my chosen bikes are out of stock. What should I do?

We often run out of certain sizes or styles on the busiest days. Try adjusting your reservation date or time, or the size or style of your bikes. 

I am bringing a group. What should I know?

We strongly recommend that groups make reservations in advance to ensure bikes will be available. Please email [email protected] for assistance with a group reservation. 

Any group with children under 16 needs an appropriate number of adults to accompany the group.

Children under 16: Adult (over 18) to child ratio of 1:6


How do I get to the Trailside Center?

We are located at 1 Steele Street in Burlington, Vermont.

Where do I park my car?

For all parking info/needs, visit

Are you located on a bike path?

Yes, our Trailside Center bike rental shop is located on the Island Line Trail. 

Do you have a map of the trail?

We do, here is a link to our interactive map. This map will show you where to find restrooms, beaches, parks, food and drink, retail stores, lodging, etc. 

How do I learn about the Bike Ferry? 

Please see all the information about the Bike Ferry here.
Please note the Bike Ferry does NOT bring riders back to Burlington!

 Can I put the bike in my car or car rack?

Any of our conventional (regular) bikes can be transported by car or car rack; however, e-bikes can only be picked up and pedaled away from the Trailside Center. We do not have bike racks for rent.

What is an E-Bike? Can I rent one?

An e-bike is a bike with an electric motor, powered by a battery. All of our e-bikes are pedal assist. Pedal-assist means you must pedal in order to actuate the motor. If you stop pedaling, the motor assist will turn off.

E-bikes may be rented by anyone 18 years old or older. 16-17 years olds may rent one with their parent or guardian present. All e-bike renters must show an ID when picking up their bikes.

Trailers and tag-alongs can not be attached to e-bikes. E-bikes rented for multiple days must be stored in an indoor, locked location overnight. If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

How long does an E-Bike’s battery last?

On the lowest setting (least amount of assistance) our e-bikes have an approximate range of 40 miles. On the highest setting our e-bikes have an approximate range of 15 miles. Battery mileage varies depending on usage. Hillier terrain drains the battery more than flat surfaces. 

If you rent an e-bike for more than one day, we will lend you a charger. If your e-bike rental is for one full day, or part of the day, we can not swap out your battery. You will only have one full charge of your battery for that day. Unless you set the bike to a high pedal assist setting, you should have plenty of charge.

Do you have helmets available? Are helmets required?
We have helmets available in a variety of sizes (kids and adults) that you may borrow at no cost with your bike rental. Helmets are recommended, but not required.

Do you have locks to borrow?
Yes, we have locks - just ask!

Do you sell drinks at the Trailside Center?
We sell Local Motion water bottles filled with cold water for $5 each. Please ask to add them to your order when you check in.