Rental FAQs

Hours of Operation & Seasonality for 2023

The Trailside Center is open for bike rentals beginning in May through mid-October.

We are open 7 days a week from 9 am - 6 pm during the season. There is no after-hour drop-off. Bikes need to be returned during hours of operations. 


What kind of bikes do you offer?

You can choose between our hybrid Jamis Coda Sport or the Cannondale Treadwell for a more relaxed ride. If you have kids we’ve got you covered there too! 

We do not offer Mountain Bikes or Road bikes to rent.

Do you offer Trailers or Tag-alongs?
Yes, trailers and tag-alongs are available as add-ons to rentals, but they are not able to be attached to all of our bike offerings (and not available for e-bikes).
Trailers can only carry up to 100 lbs. Trailers can fit up to 2 children. Dogs up to 100lbs can be placed in the trailer, however we do not advise this as most dogs are unable to sit well in the trailer.
The tagalong can only carry a child up to 80lbs. This is suitable for children who don't know how to ride, but able to keep themselves in an upright position.

Please call or email us for assistance with a reservation for a trailer or tag-along.


How much does it cost to rent a bike? 

 2022 Rental Rates

Adult Bike

Kids Bike, Trailer,
Tag-along *


Up to 1 Hour




1 to 4 Hours




4 to 24 Hours




Each additional day






Rental proceeds support Local Motion's non-profit advocacy mission.

What is the cancellation policy? 

Cancellations made within 24 hours of of your reservation pick-up time will result in a charge of 100% of the rental. Cancellations made more than 24 hours ahead of pick-up time will be fully refunded. 


What bike should I rent? 


All of our bikes are capable of handling the Burlington Bike Path/Island Line Trail. As you approach the Colchester Causeway, the trail surface becomes variable dirt and light, packed gravel, for which all of our bikes are suited. Your choice of bikes includes the sporty hybrid Jamis Coda, and the Cannondale Treadwell for a relaxed ride, as well as our fleet of e-bikes. 

Hybrids are for people who are more accustomed to leaning forward while riding and are experienced with a wider selection of gears.

The Treadwell is a more popular style bike that will sit you upright and has a very simple gear selection.


What size would fit me?

The sizing chart is for guidance and is not guaranteed to be accurate for all persons. All bikes have adjustable seat posts. People on the higher or lower end of a height range might fit multiple-sized bikes. Annotated below are possible height to size ranges.

  • 4’11” – 5’3”       =    XS - S
  • 5’3” – 5’7”         =     S - M
  • 5’7” – 5’11”       =     M - L
  • 5’11″ – 6’4”       =     L - XL
  • 6’4″ and taller    =         XL


How do I get to the Trailside Center?

We are located at 1 Steele Street in Burlington, Vermont.


How long can I rent a bike?

You can rent a bike for as long as you like, however after 5 days you may want to consider actually purchasing a bike!


I am bringing a group. What should I know?

Families should make reservations in advance to ensure bikes will be available. 


School Organizations, Camps, and Corporate Groups

Any group with children under 16 needs an appropriate amount of adults to accompany the group.

Children under 12: Adult (over 18) to child ratio of 1:4

Children 12-16: Adult (over 18) to child ratio of 1:6

Schools & camps need to have a lead time 2-3 weeks to make a reservation. Schools, camps and corporate groups are responsible for making their own reservations. Please email us in advance for non-profit discounts.


Where should I go?

When you rent a bike with us you can go wherever you like. We recommend riding north or south on the Burlington Bike Path. Eight miles north you will reach the Colchester Causeway, a trail across Malletts Bay to the Champlain Islands. A ride that you’ll never forget.


Do you have a map of the trail?

We do, here is a link to our interactive map. This map will show you where to find restrooms, beaches, parks, food and drink, retail stores, lodging, etc.

How far to the Causeway?

From the Trailside Center, it is about 8 miles to the start of the Causeway and another 2 to the cut (a gap in the causeway) where our bike ferry operates. So, from the Trailside Center to the bike ferry, it is a 10 mile ride. Assuming you sustain the moderate pace of 10 mph you can get there in about an hour, and 2 hours total for a return trip. PLEASE NOTE THAT THE CAUSEWAY CAN BE VERY WINDY. On a trip to or from the bike ferry along the Causeway, you may experience significant headwinds. 


Are there other places I can ride?

You can also do the Cycle the City Route. A ten-mile loop through Burlington (live traffic area). You can find other ride ideas here.


How do I get to the Bike Ferry?

The Bike Ferry operates at “the Cut” where boat traffic passes between two sides of the Causeway. Our Bike Ferry takes riders from one side of the Causeway to the other. The ferry trip is about 15 minutes in total. The Bike Ferry does NOT bring riders back to Burlington!


How hilly is the Island Line Trail?

The Burlington Bike Path/Island Line Trail is mainly flat. There are some minor hills along the way. Wind on the Causeway may make the ride a little more challenging.


Can I put the bike in my car or car rack?

Any of our conventional (regular) bikes can be transported by car or car rack; however, e-bikes can only be picked up and pedaled away from the Trailside Center.


What is an E-Bike?

An e-bike is a bike with an electric motor, powered by a battery. All of our e-bikes are pedal assist. Pedal-assist means you must pedal in order to actuate the motor. If you stop pedaling, the motor assist will turn off.


How long does an E-Bike’s battery last?

On the lowest setting (least amount of assistance) our e-bikes have an approximate range of 40 miles. On the highest setting our e-bikes have an approximate range of 15 miles. Battery mileage varies depending on usage. Hillier terrain drains the battery more than flat surfaces. 


Can I do a bike event with an E-Bike?

You can use the e-bike you rent from us for an event, but you may not load the e-bike onto a vehicle or a rack. Keep in mind the farther you ride away from our Trailside Center, the farther you are from the e-bike’s recharging station.


Where do I park?

For all parking info/needs, visit


The FAQ did not fully troubleshoot my questions. 

Please email us at [email protected]