Biking & Walking Resources

Vermont is a fantastic place for walking, running, or riding a bike, and we're working hard to make it better every day. Whether you love long country rides, use your bike for daily errands, or simply like your kids to get around under their own power, Vermont communities have great bones for walking and biking. Here are some resources to help you on your way.

Check out our new Bike Vermont resource for everything you need to know about biking in our beautiful state.

Biking Tips & Tricks

Anyone can bike! Literally anyone and everyone. Sometimes it just takes a little info to get you going. Below are some tips and tricks for safe and fun biking, whether it's for commuting, fun, or replacing car trips. 

Biking 101 Winter Riding Tips Videos

Rules of the Road

Staying safe on Vermont's roads, paths, and sidewalks starts with understanding the rules of the road. Local Motion provides this resource to make sure that you stay informed, and stay safe.

Give Some Love, Get Some Love: Safety is a Two-Way Street.

That's the motto of the Safe Streets Network.

We've been working since 2008 to build a culture of respect on Vermont's streets and roads. Our brochure lays out the rules of the road for people walking, biking, and driving in clear, straightforward language - making it easy to do the right thing!

Check out our "Give Some Love" brochure

Vermont Walk & Bike Laws

Know your walking and biking laws in the state of Vermont!

Local Motion offers a summary of the rights and responsibilities of bicyclists in Vermont.

Want to learn more? Click here for more information about Vermont laws

Trail Etiquette

Vermont has many different types of trails -- hiking trails, mountain biking trails, equestrian trails, and shared-use trails.  Help us keep our trails in good shape and respectful places by following the following etiquette.

Shared-use Trails:

  • Ride, walk and inline skate on the right side of the path (unless otherwise posted)
  • Ring a bell or say "passing on your left" when passing
  • Obey all traffic laws and signs
  • When bicycling, signal your turns by using your arms
  • When running, walking or bicycling side-by-side, be alert for other path users and get in single file when others approach
  • Wear a helmet when biking, inline skating or skateboarding -- it's not the law in Vermont but it makes good sense!

Hiking Trails:

Equestrian Trails:


Bike/Walk Benefits

Sure, biking and walking will add years to your life, get you some fresh air, and connect you with friends and neighbors.  But who knew that it could also save you some cash?  Check out these options!

CATMA Bike/Walk Rewards Bicycle Benefits Go! Vermont Rewards

Bike Vermont

Vermont is a biking paradise with views, breweries, coffee shops, camping, events, and surprises around every bend. Whether you're into riding bikes on paved or dirt roads, on winding trails, in pump tracks or parks, down ski resorts, or along world class rail trails, there's more than enough for everyone. Check out the pages below for all the resources you need to plan a Vermont biking trip.

Maps & Routes Burlington Area Bike Shops & Rentals Annual Events Mountain Biking Fat Biking Dirt & Gravel VT State Parks Pump Tracks & Bike Parks Bikepacking Bike Clubs Tour Operators