Bike/Walk Benefits

Sure, biking and walking will add years to your life, get you some fresh air, and connect you with friends and neighbors.  But who knew that it could also save you some cash?  Check out these options!

CATMA Bike/Walk Rewards

The Chittenden Area Transportation Management Association (CATMA) rewards employees at participating companies who bike or walk to work and log their commute each time. It's easy, you save money, feel healthier, and cut pollution!

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Bicycle Benefits

Wearing your helmet while riding your bike just got even better! With a simple sticker, you can earn discounts at local shops. Go ahead, you've earned it! Here's how.  Buy a Bicycle Benefits sticker from one of the dozens of participating businesses or Local Motion.  Put it on your helmet, then show it for your discount at over 50 participating stores in the greater Burlington area.

Own a business? 

Learn how your shop can join the Bicycle Benefits Business Program today.

You can buy a sticker for $5 if you prefer.

Just stop by Local Motion's Trailside Center (1 Steele St. on the Burlington Bike Path) or pick one up at City Market (82 S. Winooski Ave).  Most participating businesses also sell stickers: click to check out bike benefits businesses!

Want to bring Bicycle Benefits to your town?

Bike Benefits is in dozens of communities around the United States and is expanding to more communities all the time. Add yours to the list!


Go! Vermont Rewards

Get discounts, coupons, freebies, and enter raffles using points you earn for greener trips! Walk, bike, scooter, carpool, vanpool, and even telecommute to rack up points! Use the super handy smartphone app or web portal to track commutes. By the way, it's totally free!

This app and web portal is the exclusive platform for participating in the Vermont Bike-Walk Challenges!

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