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Webinar: Walkability & Design in European Cities: What VT Can Adopt

Hosted on Thursday, December 10, 2020, at 10 - 11 am

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What can Vermont towns and cities learn from our European counterparts? 

This presentation will deconstruct the big concept of the “European City” into manageable parts that can be, and in many cases have been, implemented in the United States, and in Vermont specifically.  Using examples like community-led pedestrian shortcuts, better pedestrian signals to improve communication with all street users, Gezelligheid pedestrian walkways, and others, Stu will examine creative concepts and provide ideas to take back to your community.

About the presenter: It took just one bike ride in The Netherlands for Stu to realize the benefits of having a safe and secure place to leave your bike when you are shopping, going to a waterfront concert, or just about any other bike destination. After attending a Winning Campaigns workshop hosted by Local Motion, Phil Hammerslough and Stu revived the Valet Bike Parking program, going from only 150 bikes parked the first year to over 8,000 in 2018. In a normal year, Stu coordinates over 70 Valet Bike Parking events. He won’t rest until we have a “Fietsenstalling” in Burlington- a safe and secure place for any cyclist- rich or poor, young or old to park their bike. 

Photo by Jurriaan Snikkers on Unsplash

Webinar: How We Move on This Earth & Why That Matters

Hosted on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at 10 - 11 am

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Join an exploration into how our mobility choices fundamentally influence our human perceptions and worldviews and ultimately our communities and our environment. Drawing on legend, literature, cinema, neuropsychology, philosophy, and other sources we'll take a deep dive into the dynamics of our bodies and our essential human capacities to sense and emotionally interact with the ecological and social places we pass through. With this, we will then explore the often overlooked magic of what happens when we are engaged in the act of transportation and the ways in which we ourselves may be transformed by it. Finally, we'll consider the implications of automobility on our embodied human connections to the world as well as our response to climate change and also consider practices that may bring a greater sense of depth and meaning to our everyday mobility.

About the presenter:

Dave Cohen is an integrative psychotherapist in Brattleboro (davecohencounseling.com) specializing in approaches in mind/body modalities and ecopsychology. He is also the founder and director of VBike (vbikesolutions.org), an advocacy group dedicated to promoting new bike design and technologies for everyday bicycle transportation in Vermont.

Why We Cycle Discussion - Practitioners

Hosted on Thursday, December 3, 2020, at 12 - 2 pm

What happens when cycling is as normal as breathing?

After viewing the "Why We Cycle" film, a curated group of panelists answered questions about the film. 

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Why We Cycle Discussion

Hosted on Thursday, November 19, 2020, at 7 - 9 pm

What happens when cycling is as normal as breathing?

After viewing the "Why We Cycle" film, a curated group of panelists answered questions about the film. 

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Webinar: Healthy Transportation for Back to School with Mark Fenton

Hosted on Thursday, August 12, 2020, at 2 - 3 pm

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Presenter Mark Fenton, who is a nationally recognized expert on the intersection of walking, transportation, and public health in the U.S., will offer critical insights and recommendations for your fall back-to-school transportation planning, including: 

- Proven strategies to encourage walking and bicycling

- Low-cost demonstration and “quick-build” techniques to accommodate increased pedestrian and bicycle demand

- Tips on utilizing free Local Motion and VTrans resources and technical assistance to improve routes to school

More about presenter Mark Fenton:

Mark Fenton is a national public health, planning, and transportation consultant, an adjunct associate professor at Tufts University's Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, and former host of the "America's Walking" series on PBS television. He's the author of numerous books including the best-selling "Complete Guide to Walking for Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness" (Lyons Press, 2nd edition 2008). He was a developer of the University of North Carolina's Safe Routes to School clearinghouse, and facilitator for the walkable community workshop series of the National Center for Bicycling and Walking; he now provides technical training and community planning as an independent consultant.