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Local Motion is an advocacy organization.  This means that we are always asking why.  Why can't there be a bike lane on this street?  Why can't we make it safe for kids to walk to school?  Why can't it happen bigger, sooner, better?  More often than you would expect, the answer is, "Because no one has asked until now."  

Nic_and_Emily.jpgBut getting from why to yes often takes some work.  You have to know your stuff.  You have to show up, over and over.  And you have to inspire a whole lot of people to say, "Why not?"  That is what our advocacy is all about.  

This section of our website is brand new.  We're just getting started with running campaigns.  Our hope is that you will be inspired by what you see here to step up and become a leader for change.  Because the only way all those "whys" will get to "Yes!" is if we work together.  

So take a look at the campaigns that Local Motion is currently running.  But more important, sign up using the "Count me in!" link in the sidebar and let us know you're onboard.  Let's make some "yes" happen!

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Safe and Complete Streets

Local Motion works with communities across Vermont to make roads in their towns work better for everyone.  We can help create safer and more welcoming streets in your community.  Here are a few examples:

  • Working with Addison County to support and mentor a county-wide walk-bike advisory council
  • Advising Swanton on a major repaving project to ensure that the design works for people biking and walking
  • Assessing South Burlington streets to identify easy, low cost bike- and walk-friendly road improvements
  • Working with the City of Burlington to organize Open Streets BTV, a celebration of neighborhood streets

Streets are often the largest public spaces in our communities.  In addition to being used for transportation, they are also places for celebration and recreation that belong to all of us. When communities have inviting streets, local businesses benefit from increased foot traffic, people engage in healthy habits like walking, and there are fewer crashes because vehicles are moving at safe speeds. When people walk and bike more, it also means that our energy efficiency is higher.

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