Webinar: How We Move on This Earth & Why That Matters

Hosted on Tuesday, December 8, 2020, at 10 - 11 am

Join an exploration into how our mobility choices fundamentally influence our human perceptions and worldviews and ultimately our communities and our environment. Drawing on legend, literature, cinema, neuropsychology, philosophy, and other sources we'll take a deep dive into the dynamics of our bodies and our essential human capacities to sense and emotionally interact with the ecological and social places we pass through. With this, we will then explore the often overlooked magic of what happens when we are engaged in the act of transportation and the ways in which we ourselves may be transformed by it. Finally, we'll consider the implications of automobility on our embodied human connections to the world as well as our response to climate change and also consider practices that may bring a greater sense of depth and meaning to our everyday mobility.

About the presenter:

Dave Cohen is an integrative psychotherapist in Brattleboro (davecohencounseling.com) specializing in approaches in mind/body modalities and ecopsychology. He is also the founder and director of VBike (vbikesolutions.org), an advocacy group dedicated to promoting new bike design and technologies for everyday bicycle transportation in Vermont.