Learn About E-Bikes

Everything You Need to Know About E-bikes in Vermont

E-bikes are an excellent way to make biking a part of daily life, and are a viable option to replace car trips. The battery-powered motor provides just the right amount of help, and addresses several bike-related transportation barriers such as trip distance, disabilities, hills, cargo and child carrying, and more!

E-bike Promotions & Resources

VBike’s Free E-bike Consultations for Everyone!

If you’re interested in an e-bike but are not sure which one is right for you, sign up for a free e-bike consultation with VBike!


E-bike Lending Libraries

Checking out an e-bike from an E-bike Lending Library is a great way to see how an e-bike could work for you. Find an e-bike lending library below.

Vermont E-bike Regulations

Vermont defines e-bikes using a three-tiered classification system. 


Find more information about e-bike safety here.