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Local Motion's Bike Smart program is a complete bike skill education program for children ages 5 and up.  Bike Smart is based on a game-rich bike skills curriculum developed by Local Motion and the Center for Health and Learning and is made possible by a fleet of FOUR 20' trailers: each equipped with everything an instructor would need to teach children how to be confident competent bicycle riders.

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Each Bike Smart trailer includes 30+ kids' bikes (in a full range of sizes), training materials, helmets (including helmet disinfectant), tools, and safety handouts for families.   Each trailer is delivered to the program site for one to two weeks (depending on the size of the group). The instructors run the program, utilizing the trailers bikes to their fullest--at recess or in after-school programs, or even as a break for a student overwhelmed by class.   Many culminate their loan with an on-bike field trip, where students can practice their newly learned bike skills!  Instructors are supported by curriculum training, and by our Bike Smart staff, who are available to answer questions or solve issues with the trailers.

Bike Smart is in its seventh year of operation, and over the lifetime of this program, we have served 31,579 children, with 148,713 hours of training in 178 programs.  Bike smart has gone to 60 towns, and 73 schools and camps in all 14 Vermont Counties!

We have recently expanded our operations to four trailers!  (Want to support our newly expanded program? Donate here! We rely on your support to continue providing this extraordinary program to Vermont children).

We clearly think the Bike Smart Program is fantastic, otherwise, we wouldn't work so hard to bring it to schools, after-school programs, and camps across the state. But don't take our word for it...Check out these testimonials!

Where is Bike Smart in Vermont?

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