Bike Smart FAQS

The Trailers

Who can have a trailer?

A trailer is available for any Vermont organization that serves at least 25 children in grades k-8 (we can sometimes accommodate small high school groups).  You must be able to use the trailer for at least one full week and be trained in the Bike Smart Curriculum.  


Who can have a trailer?

In order to keep the costs down for this program, there is a prorated fee to help cover programmatic costs for providing the trailer to a school.

For the 2019-2020 school year, the fees are as follows:

Chittenden County: $50 round-trip delivery fee
Addison, Washington, Lamoille, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties: $125 round trip delivery fee
Rutland, Windsor, Orange, Caledonia, and Orleans counties: $200 round trip delivery fee
Bennington, Windham, or Essex counties: $275 round-trip delivery fee

  • We encourage schools to submit coordinated requests with nearby schools so as to allow the trailer to stay in a given region for several weeks. If schools can make suitable arrangements to have the trailer moved from one school to the next, the delivery and pick-up fees can be split across schools
  • We prioritize schools that make efficient and comprehensive use of their time with the trailer. For example, a school that incorporates bike skills training into all PE classes makes it the focus of the afterschool program, and organizes a bike festival or ride at the end of the week will get higher priority than a school that simply does a PE unit on-bike skills.
  • We reach out actively to schools serving disproportionate numbers of students from low- and moderate-income families and encourage such schools to apply. Delivery fees are waived for schools with 50% or more of their population eligible for free or reduced-price lunch.

For the 2020-2021 school year, the fees will be as follows:

Bike Smart costs Local Motion about $1,000 per served school/organization.  The base cost to schools for the program is a subsidized rate of $500, which will be prorated based on the percentage of students receiving free/reduced lunch.  The formula for calculating a school's Bike Smart fee is as follows: (1 - (% students receiving free/reduced lunch)) * $500 = School's Fee

For example: School A has 45% students receiving free/reduced lunch.  (1-.45)*$500=$275.  (.55*$500=$275)

School A's fee will be $275

another example:

School B  has 90% students receiving free/reduced lunch.  (1-.9)*$500=$50 (.1*500=$50)

School B's fee will be $50


Do I need to have training in order to receive a trailer?

Yes, you need to be trained in the Bike Smart curriculum before you can have the trailer. Contact to find out how to get trained in the Bike Smart curriculum.

What is in a trailer?
Each trailer has 30+ bikes, helmets (including helmets to give away to low-income children), helmet disinfectant, training materials (cones, spray chalk, reflective vests, etc) and more--everything you would need to run a bike skills program.

What do the trailers look like?


The trailers are approximately 20' long, 10' tall, and have two doors--one in the front, and one in the back.

What does the inside of a trailer look like?


Each trailer has two levels for storing bikes.  Bike Smart curriculum training materials are located in the front.  The "floor" of the second layer can be removed in sections, for easier loading and unloading.

Do you deliver the trailers?

Yes, we deliver the trailers anywhere in the state.  For many schools, the delivery is free. For others, the delivery cost is a nominal fee

In order to keep the costs down for this program, there is a nominal fee to help cover fuel costs:

  • Chittenden County: $50 round-trip delivery fee
  • Addison, Washington, Lamoille, Franklin, and Grand Isle Counties: $125 round-trip delivery fee
  • Rutland, Windsor, Orange, Caledonia, and Orleans Counties: $200 round-trip delivery fee
  • Bennington, Windham, or Essex counties: $275 round-trip delivery fee

Can I move the trailer once it gets to my location (say, for a field trip location)?

Yes, but you need to find a vehicle with adequate towing capacity, and a driver who is experienced at towing large items.  We will ask you to sign a form to the effect that you have all of the resources to move the trailer safely.  It is large and heavy and requires an experienced driver, and a towing-capable vehicle equipped with electric brakes.

The Bikes

What kind of bikes are in the trailers?

We have a combination of geared and ungeared mountain bikes, in a range of sizes. Bikes are sized to fit a range of ages, 5 to adult.  Typical bike size distribution in a trailer is 10 small, 18 medium 18 large, 2-4 balance bikes and one tandem.

What kind of adaptive bike options do I have?

Local Motion has two Kidztandems, one traditional tandem, and one tricycle.  We are constantly looking for more adaptive bikes to add to our fleet, but if you need other adaptive bikes for your upcoming loan, get in touch with Vermont Adaptive Ski and Sports

What are the bikes like?

Most of our bikes have hand brakes, but some of our smaller bikes have “coaster” brakes (you pedal backward to stop).

Most of our bikes have gearing (with the exception of some of our smaller bikes)

Why are there bikes without any pedals in the trailer?

Those are “balance bikes,”  which are used to help children learn how to ride

Why do you provide balance bikes instead of training wheels?

The traditional way to teach children how to ride a bicycle is to give them training wheels and let them pedal around on their bikes, and when the training wheels come off, they have to combine pedaling and balancing.  Children generally have a harder time with balancing than they do with pedaling

With the balance bike, children practice balancing first, and once they master balancing, they then graduate to combining pedaling with balance.  This method helps children to learn how to ride more quickly, and without as much drama.

How do you teach a child how to ride a bicycle on a balance bike?

Go to our balance bike page to learn more!

To learn more about requesting the Kohl's Kids Bike Smart trailer for your school, visit here

Bike Smart is funded by the Kohl's Cares program, the Vermont Children's Hospital, with funding provided by Kohl's Department Stores, RiseVT, and VTrans.  Kohl's Kids Bike Smart is powered by Local Motion, Vermont's walk-bike advocates.