Testimonials from Bike Smart Participants

We clearly think the Bike Smart Program is fantastic, otherwise, we wouldn't work so hard to bring it to schools, after-school programs, and camps across the state. But don't take our word for it...

Isle La Motte | Westminister | Jericho | Neshobe | Park Street | St. Albans | Windsor

Isle La Motte Elementary School

"Isle La Motte Elementary School has been a long time partner with Local Motion and the Bike Smart program. It's a tradition our students and parents look forward to each year.

Isle La Motte schoolchildren improve their bike skills through games and on-bike activities designed to help them become safe and confident bike riders using the lessons of the Bike Smart curriculum. Bike Smart teaches children that a bicycle is a vehicle. To be a responsible driver, they must follow the rules of the roads. The title of our program includes "smart" because our emphasis is on thinking while riding your bicycle.

We have a popular bike incentive program to accompany bike activities. Each time a student rides and/or walks to school, they receive a punch on their card. Ten punches earn the student an incentive bike prize and a place on the "Wall of Fame" Two of our sixth-grade students have challenged each other to ride their bike daily. Not only are they having fun while riding their bikes, but they've also realized biking to school provides them the freedom to enjoy the fresh air and feel healthy.

Our program is based on a simple premise: our kids should be able to safely walk and bike to school. Local Motion provided us the foundation to create and sustain our bike smart program.

Isle La Motte "loves" Local Motion!"

Barbara Larvey
Physical Education Teacher
October 2017

Westminster Center School

"Local Motion has been providing the Kohl's Kids Trailer to our school for 4 years now. I'm excited to be able to offer my first-grade kids the thrill of learning to ride a bike. Their moments of joy are etched in my mind.
Here is the story of Andy. Andy was a happy-go-lucky kid who struggled with academics. He was slightly out of step with his classmates in many ways. But Andy was determined to learn to ride a bike. He had great balance and could coast long distances from the second-day that the trailer was at our school. Andy had a hard time looking at anything but his feet as he pedaled. Soon he graduated from coasting on the flats to actually pedaling the bike. Still, Andy's eyes remained fixated on his pedals or his front wheel.
It was heartwarming to see how Andy was embraced by his classmates throughout the Bike Smart experience. Instead of being angry with Andy as he weaved and wobbled his way around the parking lot causing many near misses with his unsuspecting classmates, they made space for Andy and his bike. The cry became "watch out for Andy" and "let Andy go through first." In their own way, the first-grade class learned to flow and adapt and include a student that didn't "fit the mold" - a great lesson for 6-year-olds to learn.
Thanks, Local Motion!"

Elaine Gordon
Westminster Afterschool & Summer Program Coordinator
October 2017

Jericho Elementary

"Local Motion has impacted the Jericho community in so many great ways over the past 10 years. First and foremost, the Bike Smart program saves lives! Often parents are ill-equipped or unable to teach bike safety. Local Motion provided us with the tools to take over that task school-wide.

The Bike Smart trailer has transformed our school culture. Every student now learns to ride! We have a 100% success rate. And with the guidance and help of Local Motion, we've created access to riding places, built sidewalks, and made safe routes to get to school throughout the village.

Each year I get students' first "solo two-wheeled ride" on video. The joy in the child's face is unmatched. Often the child didn't have access to a bike and helmet or a safe place to learn. When we share the moment with parents, it is truly special. The sense of achievement and pride is life changing. Local Motion allows me, as a teacher, to provide such experiences to my community."

Glenn Steinman
Physical Education Teacher
October 2017

Neshobe Elementary 

"Local Motion is a wonderful resource for our Rutland County community. Our (now annual) use of the bike trailer and the multiple pieces of training and encouragement from Mary-Catherine is instrumental in our effort to improve bike safety awareness and instruction for the 400+ Neshobe Elementary students as an integral part of our physical education curriculum.

The additional reinforcement throughout the after-school program and our recreation department offerings when we have the trailer have created more opportunities for student engagement around safe and healthy behaviors as they relate to bicycling.

Thank you Local Motion for helping us create a more active and engaged community!"

Bill Moore
Recreation Director
Town of Brandon

Park Street School

"Over the past three years, Bike Smart has made it possible for us to teach over 200 kids to ride a bike, balance on a bike, and ride as a group in the community and on bike trails.

This year we help a community Bike Rodeo with our local fire department. The firs department held an open house and provided multiple rodeo stations in and outside of the firehouse. The entire community was invited and over 300 people attended. We had a BBQ, bike rodeo, tours of the fire station, and fire truck demonstrations. It was amazing and we can't wait to do it again next year!"

Tammy Stagner
Program Director, All-for-One Program
October 2017

St. Albans

"Having one of the Local Motion Bike Smart trailers come to our school provides 4th through 6th-grade students with one of the most powerful physical education learning experiences they receive. Our physical education teachers impart fundamental bike riding skills with Local Motion bikes and teach rules that students absorb and use. Most exciting is the fact that every year there are empowered and excited about a new way to exercise and travel.

The bikes in the Bike Smart trailer allows our school to put on an annual 6th-grade bike trip on the Missisquoi Valley Rail Trail. All 6th graders bike 12 miles to the Abbey picnic fields where they have a cookout and play outdoor games. Many ride the 12 miles back to school after lunch. The sense of accomplishment and camaraderie they gain is palpable. Visiting ex-students recall their 6th-grade bike trail experience as a highlight of their early years in school. Each year, the Local Motion Bike Smart trailer helps shape a part of our school's identity.

We couldn't do it without you, Local Motion!"

Mitch Craib
Physical Education Teacher
October 2017 


"Our students at Windsor Schools (State St. Schools) loved biking, learning to bike, helping others, fixing others, washing bikes, learning rules of the road, stopping, power starts, demon driveways...what to do at driveways, what to wear to be a safe biker, how to balance and see "how SLOW can you GO!"

Thank you so much."

Ms. Donna Dunkley Ewald
PR Teacher
October 2017