Summer Newsletter 2021

Newsletter sent on 7/21

Summer is better by bike! 

We’re rolling out our programs and services to make biking and walking more enjoyable for all. Read all about what we've been up to this summer in our newsletter! 

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My Ride with Rosalba

By Laurie Keve, Development Manager

Rosalba Bellen seems to me a force majeure: Unstoppable, joyful, and absolutely passionate about her recumbent electric-assist bike.

One warm June afternoon, Rosalba and her Lancaster Recumbent bike zipped into my Colchester home driveway. She hopped out of the seat, introduced herself, and asked about my kinetic brass garden sprinkler and of course, I asked her about her very cool recumbent bike. The bike has changed her life, she said, in so many ways. She rode a regular bike until recently, but she decided on a recumbent bike when vertigo made riding uncomfortable and unsafe. She purchased this one last fall and now arranges her days around the best time to get out for a ride. She hits the road nearly every day, weather permitting.

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Spring Newsletter 2021

Spring is one of our favorite seasons, as we’re busy planning out the year ahead and getting ready for summer!

What are we doing this spring?

  • Installing a Demonstration Project to make a village safe and pleasant for pedestrians
  • Sending our Bike Smart trailer to 20 schools
  • Developing a new interactive mobile Island Line Map
  • Prepping our Bike Ferry for a long fun season on the water
  • Tuning our rental bikes for the Trailside Center
  • And more! Scroll down to discover what we’re doing!

We’re excited for all our programs and services to roll out for the season and encouraging all Vermonters to experience the joy of biking and walking!

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Crashes are No Accident - VNRC

Crashes are not accidental - they are entirely predictable. 

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