Fall Newsletter 2019

Summer has been full of activity and we aren't slowing down as we enter the fall season. Here’s a look at what we’ve been up to and what’s on the horizon!

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How about Trading Car for Cargo Bike — A Lending Library Story

Local Motion’s Traveling E-Bike Lending Library is in currently in full swing!

It just finished up a stay at Onion River Outdoors in Montpelier and is now at the Norwich Public Library until September 10th. After that, it’s on to Hartford, and beyond! We recently reached out to a Montpelier couple who loaned a bike from the library to learn about their experience.

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Locking Your Bike

Summer’s here, and bikes are buzzing all over our streets, and it’s a beautiful sight.  

Less beautiful? The upsurge of bike thefts that come with the summer months.

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To e-bike or not to bike

By Ross Saxton

I met with Spence Putnam at his beautiful home in Weybridge, Vermont on a warm sunny day in May. Wanting to learn more about Vermonters who are commuting on an e-bike, Spence was kind enough to give me an overview of his history with bikes, his commutes, and how he uses an e-bike for trips in rural Vermont.

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Handy graphic: Tips to Share the Road

Our roads can get pretty busy sometimes, especially in downtowns and major travel corridors. But there are many things we can all do--no matter how we're using the road--to stay safe and keep others safe. Check out the graphic below made by Audi South Burlington for some tips, whether you're driving a car or riding a bike!

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Is it legal to pass cars on the right in Vermont?

The other day we were asked about what options a person riding a bike has when cars are backed up. Can a rider pass on the right or left? Do they get in line with the vehicles?

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