6 tips to get you ready to bike this spring!

The birds are chirping and the fresh scent of spring is in the air! Been itching to get back on your bike after the long winter break? Here are some tips to help you get ready to ride again. 

Tip #1

Ice can linger in the spring on cooler days, so watch out for shaded areas that might have black ice - take it slow when you’re unsure.


Tip #2

Start small and work your way up! Getting back in the saddle can take some adjustment, so start with shorter rides closer to home before you hop on your bike for the first big adventure.


Tip #3

Always bring your lights! Time flies when you’re having fun and you don’t want to be caught out on a ride in the dark without bike lights. Using bike lights in the daytime can also help you stand out and stay safe.


Tip #4

You can always become a pedestrian! If there is a turn or a crossing that makes you uncomfortable you can get off your bike and walk it instead. Build up your confidence at your own pace.


Tip #5

Plan your route before you go to help you feel confident and know what to expect, especially if you are trying a new adventure!


Tip #6 

Take care of your bike and take care of your body! Dirt and road grime will build up on your bike, so make sure you rinse it off and re-lubricate your chain after every few rides (or every ride if you’re ambitious!)