Elements of Bike Riding 61

September 8th ride

On Friday mornings I usually teach a swim lesson at 8:30. Late in the evening of  September 8th I got an email canceling the Friday lesson.  This meant that I had the day off.  I decided to take the commuter bus to Saint Albans and start a ride from there.  Usually I  get all my gear ready the night before but it was so late in the day when I got the cancelation that I decided to wait until the morning to get ready.  I got up at five, had a bagel with a mixture of peanut butter, cream cheese, and strawberry jam, and then got ready to go.  The commuter bus to Saint Albans stops in Winooski at 5:45 AM and 6:45 AM. I decided to take the 6:45 bus.  I took a map along because there were a few route details that I was not sure of.  

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New Additions to Our Interactive Map!

Local Motion is excited to announce the addition of over 170 business locations and two new Burlington bike routes to our Interactive Biking and Walking Map. The “ONE Love Loop” and the Pine Street “Arts & Craft Loop” are now waiting to be discovered via the Interactive Map. The map can help you know where to go and find local parks, beaches, restaurants and bars, hotels, shops, and public restrooms.

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Elements of Bike Riding 60


I had a talk with this guy who had a  sign on the back of his bike.  He said that he has lots of different ones.  I asked him if the sign made it harder to ride when it was windy and he told me that it did not make a big difference.  I have the sense that all of his signs are positive.  I wonder what kind of sign I would display if I had a setup like his.  I have a couple of favorite bumper stickers.  One says, ‘Bumper Sticker’ another says ‘Eschew Obfuscation ’.   The sign man asked me about my panniers.  They are made by Ortlieb and are waterproof. More than one person has asked me about them.  I often get into bike-oriented conversations at the bike racks in front of City Market.  People comment on my bike or I ask someone a question.  I have talked about lights, brakes, panniers and the challenges of winter riding.  The bike racks are  like the hitching posts where people used to leave their horses.  Luckily bikes don’t poop!

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Walking and Rolling Back to School!

It’s the start of a new school year, and we’re finally seeing things returning to normal. Schools are getting excited about getting kids active and are using Safe Routes to School (SRTS) to solve the School Drop-Off Dilemma.

We have 65 SRTS school and educational partners engaging in the work!  Every year, these schools run fun events encouraging active transportation, like this fun walk to school day event at Twinfield Elementary pictured below. 

Students walk alongside a teacher pushing another student in a wheel chair  young students smiling at the camera as they walk across green grass

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Elements of Bike Riding 59

On Friday mornings I teach a swim lesson at the YMCA that begins at 8:30 AM.  I like to get to the Y  early so I don’t have to rush. I live in Winooski and if I am going into Burlington I calculate that it will take me about an hour to get ready to go and then ride to my destination. On Friday August 1st I started getting ready at 7:15 AM so I could be at the Y at 8:15 AM. Getting ready means  dressing, packing a change of clothes for after my shower at the Y, gathering my bathing suit and teaching shirt and choosing which bike shoes, hat, gloves and buff to wear for the day. I also put lights on my bike, helmet and hip pack. In late August and early September the days are warm but the mornings are cool. I wear a light jacket when I leave my house in the morning. In the event I got to the Y at 8 so I decided to go to City Market before going to the Y. I noticed that almond butter was on sale so I got some. Usually I just eat peanut butter.

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Local Motion Adds New Bike Routes and Businesses to Interactive Map

Local Motion is excited to announce the addition of over 170 business locations and two new bike routes to its Interactive Biking and Walking Map. The “ONE Love Loop” and the Pine Street “Arts & Craft Loop” are now waiting to be discovered via Local Motion’s Interactive Map. The map helps users know where to go as they find local parks, beaches, restaurants and bars, hotels, shops, and public restrooms.

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Elements of Bike Riding 58

Winooski Wheels

In late March I took my commuter bike for a tuneup to Winooski Wheels, a new bike shop in downtown Winooski. I am so glad to have a bike shop in town! I support Old Spokes bike shop, but because I don’t own a car, every time I dropped off my bike there, I had to walk an hour to get to my home.  Then I had to walk back when the bike was ready to be picked up. Winooski Wheels is only a 10 minute walk from my house, which makes it much more convenient.  Every city should have a few essential services  including a swimming pool, a library, a bookstore, a bakery, a hardware store, a bike shop, and a grocery store. At least we have a bike shop, a pool and a library!

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2023's Legislation for Walking, Biking, and Rolling!

Local Motion staff worked with our partner organizations at Transportation for Vermonters to make progress on several key legislative issues.

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Elements of Bike Riding 57

Street Find Disappointment 

On February 10th I set off for my dentist’s office in South Burlington. It was a sloppy day, with slush everywhere. I took Mill Street and noticed a balaclava on the ground.  I did not stop because I wanted to get to my appointment on time.  I made a mental note to go back later in the day and pick up the balaclava.  After my dentist appointment I rode into Burlington, went to the Y, had lunch with a friend and then went to City Market.  I took Riverside Avenue back to Winooski and crossed over Colchester Avenue and onto Mill Street.  The balaclava was in the road so I parked my bike and waited for a break in the traffic.  The balaclava was soaking wet and when I picked it up I saw it was so torn up that it would not be usable so I did not take it home.  This happens from time to time when I spot something on the road.  Often an item is so damaged and I cannot use it.  I see lots of things that I don’t bother to stop for.  Because I have a scavenger’s mentality, I notice discarded items but they are not always worth stopping for.  

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How to Lock Your Bike

Summer’s here, and bikes are buzzing all over our streets, and it’s a beautiful sight.  Less beautiful? The upsurge of bike thefts that come with the summer months.


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