Local Motion to Promote Vermont Section of the Western New England Greenway

We were recently selected to promote the Vermont sections of the Western New England Greenway (WNEG).

The WNEG is a network of bike routes connecting New York City with Montreal. The greenway was established in a cooperative effort led by the Upper Housatonic River National Heritage Area (UHRNHA) and the Champlain Valley National Historic Partnership (CVNHP). Since 2012, the group has developed a route, a website, a series of six map-guides, and had the route designated as U.S. Bike Route 7.  

Local Motion promotes walking and biking for both transportation and recreational purposes. Christina Erickson, Local Motion’s Executive Director noted the relevance of this project. “In order for local communities to avail themselves of bike tourism dollars, safe riding networks must be provided both to and within their communities, making walking and biking safer choices for everyday local travel as well as for tourists. The WNEG provides us the opportunity to have these discussions with communities in western Vermont.” 

The WNEG passes through or near eight communities that have high potential and need for infrastructure that supports commuting and recreational riding. Through this project, Local Motion will highlight the value of the WNEG as it currently exists and lay the groundwork for the infrastructural and routing changes needed for the route to become one that attracts riders of all ages and abilities. Funding for this project comes from the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership.

You can check out our page on the Western New England Greenway here.

Contact Jonathon Weber, [email protected] with any questions.