Western New England Greenway

The Western New England Greenway (WNEG) is a multi-state bike route that links New York City and Montreal. It's also referred to as U.S. Bicycle Route 7.

The corridor largely parallels U.S. Route 7 through western Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Vermont. The south end of the WNEG links with the East Coast Greenway at the Merritt Parkway near Norwalk, CT, at the Southern terminus, and with Quebec's Route Verte at the Northern terminus (Canadian border).

The WNEG passes through bucolic villages and rural pastures, small New England towns like Bennington, Manchester, and Vergennes, as well as Burlington. It includes the Island Line Trail where Local Motion operates the seasonal Bike Ferry. It also passes through the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership area and the Upper Housatonic Valley National Heritage Area.

The map below shows the Vermont section of the WNEG, as well as historic, cultural and performing arts sites, parking locations, natural and scenic areas, and lodging.

You can find more maps of the Western New England Greenway here.

Local Motion is currently working to increase public awareness of the WNEG and evaluate opportunities for realignment of the WNEG route to further economic goals and improve quality and safety of the route for riders. Funding for this project comes from the Champlain Valley National Heritage Partnership.

Contact Jonathon Weber at [email protected] for more information about Local Motion's work on the Western New England Greenway.