Spring News for Safe Routes to School

In This Newsletter:

  • Spring Walk and Roll to School Months

  • Final reminder: Crossing Guard Survey

  • Reminder: Free Helmets if you fill out Travel Tallies & Parent Surveys!

  • Bike Smart update

  • Winter Walk School Spotlights!

  • A Strategy to Reduce Drop-off Congestion

Put Spring in your Step and Mud on your Spokes!

April and May are Walk and Roll Months–celebrate as often as you want!  Official Walk and Roll to School Day is May 8th.

Want some materials to make your event go more smoothly?  Go here to get posters, volunteer recruitment posters, parent send-home letters, and more!


Final reminder: Crossing Guard Survey

We're conducting a quick survey about school crossing guards and would love your input! Even if your school doesn't have a crossing guard program, please fill it out – you'll still be entered into a raffle. Understanding which schools have programs and which don't is important to us.

This survey aims to learn which schools have crossing guards, how these programs are managed, and if there are any needs or gaps we can help with.

Every school that completes the form will have a chance to win 5 refurbished kids' bikes! We'll select at least two schools, possibly three, depending on bike availability. The bikes will be delivered in May, and the survey closes at the end of March.

Find the survey here: School Crossing Guard Survey

If you're not the right person for this survey, please pass it along to someone who is. Thank you for taking the time to participate!


Reminder: Free Helmets for Schools that fill out Travel Tallies and Parent Surveys!

Data collection is at the heart of making sure our programs are successful!  To qualify as a Safe Routes to School Partner, schools must perform at least one complete Travel Tally and Parent Survey annually.

Travel Tallies and Parent Surveys are quick and easy!  

Travel Tallies can be done at the same time as attendance, and take about 5 minutes to complete.  Schools only need to run two days of travel tallies over the course of one week.

When you complete your travel tallies and parent surveys, your school will earn 16 helmets and helmet education materials, such as helmet fit guide cards and parent’s guides to safe bicycling essentials!

Travel Tally Informational Letter to Colleagues: Travel Tally- Email- Homeroom Teachers-new SRTS schools


Please use this form to complete the Travel Tally  Travel Tally Form


Parent Surveys are even easier!  Just send a link to the form to parents in either your newsletter or in an email, and encourage them to fill out the survey.  We have sample text to send to parents here: Parent Newsletter Blurb


Go here to find the Parent Survey Parent Survey Form 


Bike Smart Update

We had so many requests for Bike Smart this fall that we have been all booked up for the spring as well.  There are some weeks still available: a few slots the week of 6/10-14.  We also have an opening for a Chittenden County school the weeks of 5/27-6/14.

If you are interested in any of these dates, please fill out the Bike Smart request form.


Winter Walk Wonders!

We have received some great photos from our Winter Walk days!  Please send us your photos!  You get inspiration and submit your own photos here.   as well as fill out the Activity Report Form if your school participated in Winter Walk to School Day! Please send us your photos or add your own! Be sure to use the comment tool for the photos to indicate where your photos are from.


Here’s how to add photos.

  1. Go to the album

  2. Click on “add photo” in the top right corner

  1. Add photos

  2. Add comments on your photos by clicking on the photo and clicking on comments, and state the school name for the photos

Reduce Drop Off Congestion with “Park a Grade Away”

To address Drop-Off congestion and traffic, schools can utilize a tool called “Park a Grade Away” where families park further away from the school based on the grade of their youngest children (families with very young children are still encouraged to use the regular drop off).  For example, if a family’s youngest child is in 3rd grade, they would park 3 blocks away, and families would walk the rest of the way to school.  Schools can provide safe areas to park/drop-off and walk to school, and encourage parents to use this tool to make drop-off easier and safer for everyone.  It’s also fun!  

Explore more about "Park a Grade Away" on page 9 of this document.


What’s Next

April 2024
Spring Walk & Roll to School Challenge

May 2024 
Spring Walk & Roll to School Challenge continues
May 8Spring Walk & Roll to School Day
Parks Not Parking (any day in May)*
Change a parking space into a park!  Details in our next newsletter!


Happy Walking and Rolling!


The Safe Routes to School Team:

Amy Brewer (Regional Coordinator: Franklin and Grand Isle Counties)

Bonnie Hooper (Regional Coordinator: Chittenden County)

Daniel Liguori (Logistics Coordinator)

Mary Catherine Graziano (Program Manager)

Susan Grasso (Infrastructure Work)