Vermont’s largest city was recently awarded Silver-level status by the Walk Friendly Communities program.  This award recognizes Burlington's nearly 100% sidewalk coverage, its investment in better crosswalk signals, and its work to slowdown traffic. Local Motion and other community partners are encouraging the city to Go for Gold and make Burlington a world-class city for walking and biking. To that end, the City has also been working with community stakeholders to develop PlanBTV, the city’s Walk/Bike Master Plan which aims to enhance safety and active mobility in the city.

Burlington is a destination for active outdoor recreation enthusiasts. It is home to terrific opportunities to walk, bike, and ski such as The Intervale and Centennial Woods, as well as the Waterfront Park and Island Line Trail. It’s also home to outfitters like Outdoor Gear Exchange and Ski Rack, which hosts one of the state’s largest annual bike swaps.

Local Motion, headquartered in the Queen City, is supportive of efforts to make Burlington an even better place to walk and bike. We have helped students from across the city learn how to pedal with style and confidence through our Bike Smart trainings and encouraged adults to make two wheel transportation a part of their routine through our Everyday Bicycling workshops at UVM, City Market, and many other local businesses.

We’ve also provided technical assistance for over eight years on projects from Plan BTV WalkBike to the North Avenue Corridor Study. To become more involved in making Burlington a safe and welcoming environment for walking and biking consider joining the Burlington Walk/Bike Council.

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Burlington Featured Projects

GOAL: Create Safer Bike Infrastructure on Colchester Ave

GOAL: Improve Biking Infrastructure Along Colchester Ave

Colchester Ave serves as a critical connection for bike commuters traveling between Burlington and other destinations in the region. Given the frequency of use by cyclists, this corridor is identified in both Plan BTV Walk Bike and the Chittenden County Regional Active Transportation Plan as a route to prioritize for improvements.  Specifically, a safer connection is needed both for those climbing and descending the hill between the Winooski Bridge and UVM.

Local Motion, in collaboration with the Burlington Walk Bike Council and other local residents, is advocating for better bike infrastructure between the bridge and East Ave.

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THE OPPORTUNITY:  Ask the City of Burlington and Public Works Commission to repurpose the existing public right of way with better biking infrastructure in order to create a safer Colchester Ave for everyone. Utilizing the public right of way along both sides of Colchester Ave (both on the lower part of the hill by the bridge, and along the upper portion by UVM) would create space for safer bike facilities. A show of public support will help make these changes possible.

CURRENT STATUS: Although the City of Burlington has recently added a climbing bike lane to the bottom portion of Colchester Ave, there is insufficient room for cyclists to travel comfortably and safely along this stretch, particularly during winter months. What's more, the bike lane disappears when it reaches the top of the hill, and there is no downhill bike facility. Improvements are needed to make this critical connection more accessible, and on-street parking removal will be a key factor in making these changes possible.  

THE NEXT STEP: Add your name via the above link to show your support. Please also consider contacting DPW at dpwplanning@burlingtonvt.gov or 802-863-9094 x3, and/or coming to speak on this issue at the Public Works Commission Meeting on Wednesday, May 15th, 2019 at 6:30 PM. Please fine sample letters and email addresses here

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GOAL: A Safer North Avenue in Burlington

Local Motion, in collaboration with city, neighborhood and other local leaders, helped to shape the vision for a safer North Avenue for everyone: people walking, biking and driving. North Ave serves as a critical connection between downtown Burlington with many of Burlington's most important destinations. So, what happens to North Avenue affects the daily transportation needs of residents across the city. 


 THE OPPORTUNITY: A pilot project was designed to convert the 4 vehicle lane section of the Avenue between Institute Rd and Shore Rd/Heineberg Rd to 2 lanes with a center turn lane and bike lanes in both directions. This design was chosen because it would improve safety on North Ave for everyone: people walking, biking and driving. A 4-lane North Avenue would never be built today because it is an unsafe, outdated design. The center turn lane allows a continuous flow of traffic, while reducing potential rear end and sideswipe conflicts, while making more room for bike lanes. It's a winning design that will increase the safety of North Ave for all users, regardless of choice of transportation.

CURRENT STATUS: After a year of temporary implementation, the pilot was voted into permanence on Monday, July 10th, 2017!


The goal of this pilot was to show that North Avenue can be safer and align with contemporary needs.

All Burlingtonians deserve a better street and a better neighborhood that ensures that the kids, adults, and grandparents in the New North End (and Old North End) are safer, healthier, and wealthier.

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Protected bike lanes are part of a transportation revolution in cities and towns across the US!

Read more about the Myths and Facts of this common type of redesign project known also as a "Road Diet."

Take a look at the City of Burlington's website for the latest project updates.

Check out an Avenue for Everyone for more background on the pilot.

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BURLINGTON Better by Bike

burlingtonBBB_bikeonly_thumb.jpgBURLINGTON Better by Bike is a campaign to make Burlington the best small city for biking on the East Coast.  First came "Go for Gold."  That paved the way for "PlanBTV Walk Bike."  Want to know more?  Read on!

Here's the backstory.  In 2012, Local Motion began a concerted effort to accelerate the pace of change for better biking (and walking) in Burlington.  We set our sights on achieving gold-level recognition as both a "Walk Friendly Community" and a "Bicycle Friendly Community" (both of which are national recognition programs).  To that end, we worked with a variety of partners to create a "Go for Gold Blueprint" that assessed Burlington's strengths and weaknesses and identified opportunities for improvement for both walking and biking.  You can read more about the Blueprint at this link, as well as download both a two-page summary and the full text of the Blueprint itself.  

The Go for Gold Blueprint led to the creation of a "Go for Gold Leadership Team" under the aegis of the Burlington mayor's office.  The purpose of this team—which included high-level representatives of a variety of city departments as well as non-municipal partners—was to identify and pursue strategies that would advance the goals identified in the Blueprint.  The Go for Gold Strategic Plan was released in early 2015, and is available at this link.  

In mid-2015, Burlington Public Works launched the city's first-ever comprehensive planning effort for walking and biking, called "PlanBTV Walk Bike."  Local Motion was appointed to serve on the core technical committee for that effort, and has played a key role on two fronts: ensuring that the plan is both visionary and practical, and building support for its approval and implementation.  Read more about PlanBTV Walk Bike and learn about how you can help implement the plan at this link.

planbtvwalkbike Go For Gold PlanBTV Walk Bike
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