Safer biking and walking is happening for Burlingtonians

Features that help make biking and walking safer have been installed across Burlington in many places this summer! And DPW isn't done yet, as several more safety features are being completed into this fall. These are all a part of the City's effort to create a network of connected streets where people of all ages and abilities can easily get around and feel safe doing so, as outlined in planBTV Walk Bike. Neighborhood Greenways are an important part of this--that is, streets with low vehicle volumes and speeds designed to prioritize bicycling and enhance conditions for walking. "The Wiggle" in the ONE is a great example of this, where folks of all ages and abilities can get from the NNE or Battery Park and the Waterfront to the top of the hill (UVM and UVMMC), downtown, or anywhere in between.

Below is a sample of the wonderful bike and walk infrastructure that the City of Burlington has or is in the process of completing this summer. Fear not, much more superb bike and walk infrastructure is planned for upcoming years to help complete a connected citywide network.


North Union & Grant

This "quick build" curb extensions also known as bump-outs are used to calm traffic. They create safer pedestrian crossings by reducing the distance needed to cross the street and improving visibility for drivers. Pedestrians are also safer since cars cannot cut the corner, and if they try, the big concrete planters that sit inside the white vertical bollards will help stop the car in its tracks.  You'll see many more of these bump-outs across Burlington today and in future years. 

The new green paint markings on the street are another important feature to help guide cyclists through neighborhood greenways or across challenging merge locations, and to remind vehicles to share the road. In the pictures above, you'll see that the green paint connects to the protected bike lane on N. Union Street! 

North Willard

The "Willard Flip" just happened in the past week! Originally, the bike lane on North Willard Street traveled northbound, but since there is now a protected bike lane installed traveling northbound on South Union Street (just one block away), the city decided to change the direction of the N. Willard lane to create more travel options for cyclists. By switching the N. Willard bike lane to travel southbound, the city created a better flow of traffic for cyclists. This is great for motorists as well since cyclists are more likely to use a designated path when painted, and it enables drivers to better anticipate where the bikes will be traveling along the street. 

North Ave & Sherman Street

This one is not complete yet, but soon a protected bike lane will be available heading westbound on Sherman Street! This link in the network will connect UVM and downtown through the Wiggle to Battery Park and the North Ave bike lane heading Northbound. This is a really nice low-stress connection between multiple destinations. 

Riverside Ave Multi-Use Path

New to the Riverside Ave multi-use path is conflict-zone paint! These green and white pavement markings highlight to motorists that those traveling on foot, by bike, or on a scooter or skateboard are crossing, and that they need to proceed cautiously coming in and out of the driveways. The paint markings are across driveways and entrances/exits to businesses and other buildings. These markings also help indicate that this is a multi-use path for multiple modes, and not just a sidewalk for walking.

Pine Street

Bike lanes on Pine Street are here! Planned for next year are bump-outs to help people cross the street more safely at crosswalks. Stay tuned for other improvements still to come!