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Don't see your community meeting on the schedule? Let us know by contacting us at community@localmotion.org

Local Walk/Bike Committees

Local Motion partners with local walk/bike committees across Vermont to help them set goals, plan projects, organize community support, and more. We are always looking for ways to work with more groups, if you are involved in or know of a walk-bike group that may be interested in working with us, please email Local Motion's Community Engagement Manager, Allegra Williams

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Local Walk/Bike Advocacy Groups

All across Vermont, there are many people who want to see more, better, and safer options for walking and biking in their communities.  These are just a few of the groups of such people that have come together in communities across our state. 

Vermont Mountain Bike Association Bikeable Burlington Now Mad River Path Association Rutland Area Physical Activity Coalition

Community Bicycling Clubs

Vermont is home to many cycling clubs that can help you get out and ride, no matter what your skill level.  Here are a few clubs from around the state.

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