Walk/Bike Planning

Local Motion collaborates with towns, regional planning commissions, and consultants to develop high-quality walk-bike master plans.  Our role is often as a member of the advisory committee for the plan, although we have at times worked directly as a member of a consultant team.

To discuss options for Local Motion's involvement in creating or updating a plan for your community or region, contact Jonathon Weber, our Program Manager


Plan BTV Walk/Bike

The City of Burlington is developing a plan for active transportation for the next 20 years.

The purpose of the plan is to enhance safety and increase active mobility throughout the city. The project will culminate with the creation of the City’s first Bicycle and Pedestrian Action Plan, as well as scoping of priority projects for implementation. Local Motion is a member of the project technical team, with a hand in shaping the plan from the inside out. Learn more about PlanBTV here

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UVM Active Transporation Plan

The UVM Active Transportation Plan aims to improve bicycle access, safety, and facilities at the University of Vermont.

Through collaboration with multiple stakeholders, including Local Motion, departments, and student groups at UVM, the plan establishes the bicycle needs of the campus and solutions to meet those needs such as:

  • bike storage and parking;
  • bike lanes and pedestrian walkways;

  • commuter routes to and from campus;

  • the potential to develop a bike share system; and

  • connecting to Burlington's transit network. 

Chittenden County Active Transportation Plan

The Regional Active Transportation Plan is a plan for existing and future bicycle and pedestrian facilities and programs

This plan will serve as the active transportation element of the Chittenden County Regional Planning Commission/Metropolitan Planning Organization's long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP).

When completed, the Plan will include recommended facilities, programs, and policies to support active transportation (e.g. walking, bicycling, running, scooting, etc.) in the region, while focusing on connecting communities throughout the region by bike and transit, and creating better pedestrian connections within communities. Local Motion is a member of the Project Advisory Committee and was instrumental in preparing the data regarding bicycle facilities that served as the baseline for analysis.

Regional Active Transportation Plan

Essex Town & Junction Walk-Bike Plan

This plan represents a unified Town/Village bicycle & pedestrian plan that connects the entire community.

It assesses the existing network and identifies and prioritizes future needs so that the Town and Village can pursue implementation opportunities as they arise. This project considers updated design approaches; there have been many recent innovations in bicycle and pedestrian design, many of which may be applicable to the Town and Village and result in a more cost-effective and easily implemented network. 

Essex Junction Bike/Walk Advisory Committee