Meet the Committee

Our members are a diverse set with interests just as diverse.





Amanda Holland - I am a community planner by day in rural Vermont and enjoy the opportunity to work with Committee members on efforts to improve walking and biking conditions in my hometown. I'd classify myself as more of a walker and runner but I enjoy warm-weather bike rides on the recreation path and would love to see new connections created to neighboring towns so I can extend my rides.





Bob Britt - I formerly served on the Local Motion Board for 9 years; I personally use the recreational path system in town more for walking and running than riding my bike.





Cathy Frank, Current Vice-Chair - My 1st bike with gears and hand brakes was called an "English Bike". I had to sell my old Schwinn bike and save money to add to that to get the new bike. I rode it everywhere - no helmets, no bike lanes, no bike paths, no reflective bright clothing!





Dana Farr, Current Chair - The rhythm of riding is what makes me spend hours in the seat. Riding through the lightning bugs on June nights is something I look forward to all year long. Cycling is transportation and my focus on the committee is toward improving driver/pedestrian/cyclist interaction and cooperation.







Donna Leban - Bicycling is my favorite form exercise and method of exploring the world through self-guided bicycle tours. By any faster means, you miss too much. Whether riding Vermont's roads and paths, or with friends exploring new cultures - there is nothing better in my estimation than life at the speed of a bicycle.





Jamieson Goodwin, Current Clerk - The epitome of a casual rider with an occasional commute to work. Very excited for new W/E connections in South Burlington. Raising a family and love the Rec Path as a means for getting out, exploring and getting exercise.






Jim Grossman - When I first moved here, I tried to ride with my then 6th grade son from our home in Queen City Park to Tuttle Middle School. The number of challenging road crossing had me fussing about the bikeability of my new home. As a former runner and current recreational biker and bike trip leader, I know that ease of use (and hence safety!) are critical to get people out and healthy.





Roy Neuer, Former Vice-Chair - Since 1999, I have enjoyed biking with the local group of Silver Spokes. Also, I have enjoyed 10 bicycle trips in Europe and Scandinavia where my skill speaking German has been useful. Over the years, I have enjoyed sail racing Star boats and Lasers, race crewing on bigger boats as well as sailing off the coast of Maine, in the Caribbean and in the Mediterranean. I have also enjoyed being a volunteer ski patroller at Mad River Glen for 50 years.




Shawn Goddard - Biking is one of my favorite activities in addition to hiking, hockey and snowboarding. I own/ride 3 bikes - a mountain bike for exploring the trails, a road bike for exercise, and my new favorite, an electric bike for commuting. I'm an avid commuter, but admit to being a fair-weather rider - I'm rarely out in temps below 40 degrees and if you see me riding in the rain you can be assured that is was NOT part of my plan. This committee is my first direct experience with local government, and though I wasn't sure what to expect I have been truly inspired by the hard work and dedication by my fellow committee members and other public officials I've worked with.

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