Request the Learn to Ride Trailer

Learn_to_Ride_on_balance_bike_Shelburne.jpgIf you are an organization (summer camp, recreation program, after-school program) that would like to offer a "Learn to Ride" class to the children in your community, we have a great resource for you: The Learn to Ride Trailer




NOTE: This is NOT the Bike Smart Trailer.  Bike Smart includes a much larger trailer, containing 30+ kids' bikes, helmets, and other training materials for providing children with bike skills. Click here if you are interested in Bike Smart.  

How it works:

  • Request the Learn to Ride trailer
  • We schedule the trailer for you (usually a three-day loan)
  • We train you on how to run a Learn to Ride Class
  • You pick up the trailer (make sure you have a vehicle capable of towing a trailer, and a person who is experienced at towing trailers)

If you cannot pick up the trailer, we will likely be able to arrange a delivery for an additional delivery fee.
We invoice you $300 after your loan is over.  If you chose for us to do the delivery, that will be $200 additional.

About the trailer:

It is a 6'x8' trailer with over 20 balance bikes* of all sizes, tools, and training materials. 

*Balance bikes are bikes that do not have pedals. Children learn how to ride by scooting the bike along and getting a sense of balancing on two wheels

Due to trailer storage capacity constraints, participants will need to bring their own helmets and PEDALED bikes.

 Request the Learn to Ride Trailer