Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride is just what it sounds like! We'll be teaching your kid(s) how to ride a bike using the "balance bike" method. For more information about how the balance bike method works, and how to teach your own children how to ride using this method, go to our Balance Bike page


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For Parents


Local Motion uses the "balance bike" method to help kids lose their training wheels and learn to ride in just a few hours.  The Balance Bike method allows children to practice balancing before combining it with pedaling.  For many children, breaking up the tasks helps them learn how to ride their bicycles more quickly and with less stress.

Upcoming Event:

Our next Learn to Ride Class will be held on September 18, 2021, at Leddy Park

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More information about the event below:


10:00-11:00am ages: 4-7

11:30am-12:30pm ages: 7+

Join Local Motion for our annual kids’ Learn to Ride class at Leddy Park. We know that the process of teaching children to ride a bike can be challenging for both kids and parents.

Let us do the teaching! We’ll use the “balance method” with pedal-less bikes, allowing kids to get a feel for the balance they’ll need - without any fear of falling over. The learning process is different for everyone, so we can’t make any guarantees - but we expect most kids to come away from our Learn to Ride class able to confidently ride on two wheels. This class will be fun and stress-free for you and your kids.

We will supply the balance bikes, but you must bring a pedaled bicycle and helmet for your child.  Please be sure that the pedaled bicycle is in good working condition (check that the tires stay inflated, the pedals spin, the chain moves freely and the brakes work), and fits your child well.

We will also have fun things for your kids who already know how to ride!  Helmet decorating supplies, games, and more!

The class is free for Local Motion members and their children. For non-members, the cost is $20 per family if you pre-register, and $40 per family on the day of the event.

Questions? [email protected]

For Summer Camps

We offer a Learn to Ride trailer (and curriculum training for instructors) for organizations to offer Learn to Ride classes in their community, as well as running two Learn to Ride classes in the Burlington area in the late spring and early summer. 

Are you an organization?  Request the Learn to Ride Trailer here: Learn to Ride Trailer Request Form  Would you like to learn more about our Learn to Ride Trailer? Learn more here: Request the Learn to Ride Trailer

Are you interested in having your child attend a Learn to Ride Class in Burlington?  We will have sign-ups for Learn to Ride soon.  If you are interested in being notified when we schedule our Burlington classes, go here: Learn To Ride Interest Form.

For more information about how the balance bike method works, and how to teach your own children how to ride using this method, go to our Balance Bike page.