Education for Kids

Local Motion has many incredible programs to introduce children to the joys of walking and biking, and teach them how to walk and bike safely.  From our Bike Smart/Walk Smart program, which provides a 20' trailer packed with bikes, helmets, and training materials to schools and organizations for 1-2 weeks, to Safe Routes to School, which gives children the encouragement and tools they need to choose to walk and bike to school, to our Learn to Ride classes, which give parents and kids a fun, stress-free place to learn how to master life on two wheels--we've got something for everyone.  

Resources for Program Enrichment

A little girl biking a princess pink bikeWe know what we’re doing when it comes to encouraging kids to walk and bike more!  We’ve got great materials for teachers and families to encourage skill development, safe behavior through games and fun activities.

COVID Resources

Getting Students to School During COVID: The Basics

Information on planning and running Walking School Buses/Bike Trains and Remote Drop Off with a focus on safety and effectiveness during COVID.


Resources for Program Enrichment

This is a set of resources for caregivers and teachers to help kids continue to be physically active while at home.

Remote Bike/Walk Community Building:

Scavenger Hunts:

Activity Log:

Biking Games:


Materials for Caregivers


Additional Resources

We have an entire page of resources for teachers using Safe Routes to School and/or Bike Smart/Walk Smart - here is a list of materials teachers can use to enrich and inform their teaching.


Learn to Ride

Learn to Ride is just what it sounds like! We'll be teaching your kid(s) how to ride a bike using the "balance bike" method. For more information about how the balance bike method works, and how to teach your own children how to ride using this method, go to our Balance Bike page


For Parents | For Summer Camps

For Parents

A little girl learning to ride on a balance bike (no wheels) with her dad looking on encouraging her

Local Motion uses the "balance bike" method to help kids lose their training wheels and learn to ride in just a few hours.  The Balance Bike method allows children to practice balancing before combining it with pedaling.  For many children, breaking up the tasks helps them learn how to ride their bicycles more quickly and with less stress.

To learn more about how the balance bike method works, and how to teach your own children how to ride using this method, go to our Balance Bike page.

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For Summer Camps

We offer a Learn to Ride trailer (and curriculum training for instructors) for organizations to offer Learn to Ride classes in their community.   

Are you an organization?  Request the Learn to Ride Trailer here: Learn to Ride Trailer Request Form  Would you like to learn more about our Learn to Ride Trailer? Learn more here: Request the Learn to Ride Trailer