Local Projects

Pilot projects: 

In 2017, we proposed and were granted permission to conduct several pilot projects recommended by Local Motion. These included painting of crosswalks, reduction in their length, signage to alert drivers of their passing through a densely-populated area, placement of temporary bollards and tracking the compliance of drivers when pedestrians attempted to use crosswalks.  These, along with speed studies by our police department informed further planning with town officials. 


Cemetery Crosswalk (completed)

This crosswalk supports passage into the cemetery, serves as a conduit in and out of the village for neighborhoods and facilitates access to the walking paths in the LaPlatte Nature area.  It crosses upper Falls Rd. which, as constructed, is used by some as a speedway in and out of the village.  Now completed (with landing pads, permanent bollards, and crosswalk signage) the crosswalk is one of several installed on upper Falls Road. 

Other Upper Falls Rd. improvements (partially completed):

These include painting of 10’ fog lines and new bike lanes, placement of temporary bollards (where pedestrians walk on the same grade and within several feet of cars) and radar speed feedback signs.  These inexpensive changes can slow traffic and hopefully create a measure of safer bike and pedestrian travel. It is hoped these changes will lead to permanent improvements for greater protections for all.

Bacon Drive crosswalk (partially completed):

This crosswalk has proper signage and a landing pad on one side.  It serves as a passage from a neighborhood both into the village center and towards the LaPlatte Nature trail at Shelburne Falls.  Among the improvements, we hope for are permanent bollards and a landing pad on the south side. 

Hillside Terrace (partially completed):

This crosswalk joins several neighborhoods and the growing businesses at the Village Green. Review of it with town officials suggests a study of its placement and other enhancements may be in order. 

Maplewood Drive/Marsett Rd intersection (requires study):

This intersection provides an important link between a set of developments and the village. It presents a particular challenge to pedestrians and town planners: Marsett Rd. has significant vehicular traffic and sometimes speeding vehicles. Installation of a crosswalk has been determined to be unsafe due to poor sightlines. We expect to address this issue with town officials in the near future. 

Shelburne Village Pedestrian Improvement Survey

Thanks to all who provided input on our 2019 Fall survey! Please take a look at the survey report to learn more about what we heard from the community with regards to safety and access in the Village. We will incorporate this feedback into our future planning efforts.