Local Projects

Completed Projects

Covered Bike Parking at the Brattleboro Co-op
The town of Brattleboro did not have any covered bike parking. BCAT worked over a few years with the Brattleboro Food Coop, DPW and Local Motion to cover an existing rack used by the store's employees, consumers, and the general public. It is conveniently located close to other downtown businesses. BCAT fund raised, the Coop provided the balance of needed funds, and DPW installed the cover. This amenity makes it possible for a greater number of people to choose alternative modes of transportation, rain, snow or shine!

Bike Repair Station at Brooks Library

The Park Tool Trailhead Workstation installed at Brooks Library (adjacent to the bike rack) is a repair station built to withstand all weather conditions. The Workstation includes eight common tools for minor repairs and adjustments. The mounting post serves as a bike stand that gets both wheels off the ground.BCAT (Brattleboro Coalition for Active Transportation) and Friends of Brooks Library combined resources to purchase the workstation and stand. Brattleboro Department of Public Works donated their time and tools to install it. We welcome local and touring bicyclists to make use of it!

Second Snowplow
Often, especially after a large snowfall or successive snow storms, sidewalks leading to downtown and schools were not getting plowed for 2-3 days after a storm, leaving pedestrians to struggle through deep snow or walk in the busy street. We made a request for funding for a second sidewalk plow to be added to the warning for Town Meeting. We advocated for passage of the funding. Town meeting approved the request. Brattleboro has purchased a used sidewalk snowplow at a reasonable, below budget price and it was put to use at the next snowfall!

Putney Road Pedestrian Improvements
BCAT members worked with Town Officials to contact VTrans to express concerns about the dangers of walking on and crossing Putney Road, and to see whether any short term improvements could be made. VTrans put gravel on the “Goat Path” on the west side of the road going up above the Marina entrance and put up a “caution pedestrians area” sign. A pedestrian crossing at the Hannafords Plaza light was added in 2019. A Cross Walk with a RRFB (flashing beacon) was added at Town Crier Road. Long term solutions must wait until Putney Road is reconstructed, a major project of VTrans.

Parklet on Main Street
In August of 2018, a bike parklet was installed on Main Street, in the heart of downtown Brattleboro. It takes one car parking place and provides parking for multiple bicycles. Funding for the project was supplied from both the town, as well as donations via an online crowdfunding source. The used parklet was purchased with support from the Downtown Brattleboro Alliance and BCAT. The parklet addition on Main Street provides both residents and tourists with the support they need to make using alternative modes of transportation more convenient in their travels.

Melrose Bridge Sign
Western Ave in West Brattleboro poses a number of challenges for people wanting to travel that route. One of the biggest hurdles is the narrow Melrose Bridge just east of Academy School. In June, BCAT was successful in recommending to the town to place a sign before the eastbound lane notifying drivers not to pass cyclists on the bridge. It says Bicyclists may take full lane on bridge". (jonathon - please remove the picture - it of the first sign.)

Ongoing Projects
Walk Bike Master Plan
BCAT advocated that the Town create a master walk bike plan. The Brattleboro Planning Department obtained a grant, hired consultants and worked with BCAT, DPW and other interested community members to create a Walk Bike Action Plan. The Select Board approved the plan in 2023. The plan identifies and plans the bicycle and pedestrian facilities that will improve the safety, convenience, and connections between destinations for those traveling by bike or on foot. The goal of this plan is to provide Brattleboro with actionable, incremental projects that build a safer and more connected network. The plan can be found here.

Western Ave Bike Lanes from Exit 2 to High Street
BCAT worked with the Town and VTrans in a public process to remove some of the parking on Western Ave and add bike lanes. The addition of the bike lanes in September, 2023 is the town's first move in almost a decade toward creating continuous bike lanes from West Brattleboro to downtown. Though BCAT would like to see this change extend all the way downtown, the removal of the parking lane becomes much more problematic to businesses and residences below the High Street intersection. The new lanes will be repainted in the summer of 2024 and VTrans will weigh in as it plans its Western Ave paving project in 2025. The bike lanes will continue but they may have a different configuration.