Meetings, Events & Contact Information

We meet on the third Wednesday of each month, from 6:30 – 8:00 pm. 

Questions can be directed to Jane Zenaty at [email protected]

The Opportunity 

Join the Village Pedestrian Safety Group as we advocate for continued improvements to pedestrian safety in Shelburne. Our efforts, it is hoped, will continue to spur on other needed changes in town.

Contact Jane Zenaty at [email protected] for more information. 

Current Status

Our focus has been on pedestrian needs in the Village of Shelburne – the economic, cultural, and service center of our town. This aligns closely with the town plan. We have continued to be guided by research and consultation with local and regional experts, which indicate a variety of “visual landscape” changes and law enforcement can significantly reduce vehicular speeds and enhance safety for all. 

Additionally, we have broadened our advocacy to address other pedestrian needs in town.  For instance:

  • Work with the town, Chittenden Regional Planning Commission, the Bike and Ped Paths Committee on the planned “Connectivity Study” in town
  • Mid-road crosswalk signs at ALL crosswalks in Shelburne
  • Critical safety improvements to the crosswalk in front of town offices
  • Creation of a crosswalk on Rt. 7 at Harrington Village
  • Installation of a crosswalk on Rt. 7 at Bostwick/Marsett Rd intersection
  • Improvements to the crosswalks at Rt. 7, Bay Rd and Executive Drive intersection
  • Installation of wayfinding, gateway and other signage in town
  • Support for our neighbors who advocated for the new School Street crosswalk

See our presentation to the Shelburne Select Board on June 11, 2019, which includes details about our vision for Falls Road in the future and a recent report summarizing the results of a survey we conducted in the Fall of 2019:

2019 Selectboard Presentation Powerpoint

2019 Fall Survey Report