Bike Smart at Jericho Elementary

Local Motion has impacted the Jericho community in so many great ways over the past 10 years. First and foremost, the Bike Smart program saves lives! Often parents are ill equipped or unable to teach bike safety. Local Motion provided us with the tools to take over that task school-wide.

The Bike Smart trailer has transformed our school culture. Every student now learns to ride! We have 100% success rate. And with the guidance and help of Local Motion, we've created access to riding places, built sidewalks, and made safe routes to get to school throughout the village.

Each year I get students' first "solo two wheeled ride" on video. The joy in the child's face is unmatched. Often the child didn't have access to a bike and helmet or a safe place to learn. When we share the moment with parents, it is truly special. The sense of achievement and pride is life changing. Local Motion allows me, as a teacher, to provide such experiences to my community.

Glenn Steinman
Physical Education Teacher
October 2017

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