Bike Smart--the Fun Isn't Just for Kids!

IMG_20170603_103157966.jpgThis past Saturday, Local Motion went to Rutland to train Afterschool Teachers on the Bike Smart curriculum for Vermont Afterschool.  We were lucky enough to have the trailer, and folks were able to practice the games first-hand.  We covered the curriculum, reviewing the games and tips for child management in the program, and OF COURSE we played games!  This day was part of a larger Afterschool Summer Enrichment program...

which we were very glad to be a part of.   Staff from Vermont Afterschool ran a tight ship and provided us with everything we needed to run the training successfully.  Here's a quote from Tracy Truzansky, Project Manager for Training and STEM Initiative about the day: 

"Just a quick email to say THANKS! for supporting our Summer Booster on Saturday! The feedback from evaluations was overwhelmingly positive. It was great to see the huge variety of activities and skills being shared: seed mosaics, solar ovens, creative writing spurred on by magnification, belly breathing, moving in space, sinking marshmallows (not sinking!), bike races, and flint and steel fire and many more! Thank you for your creative energy and taking time on a Saturday to share your expertise."


Want to see one of our bike games in action?  This video shows a part of the "find your Goldilocks Gear race"--where folks race in Granny Gear--the lowest gear--and then again in the highest gear, and then finally, in their "Goldilocks Gear" the one that feels the best on a straightaway.