Amtrak Launches Roll-On Bike Service in VT

amtrak_roll-on_service_test_thumb.jpgAmtrak has finally launched roll-on bike service on its Vermonter line!  Here are Local Motion volunteers Nic Anderson, Andy Witt, and Dave Cain at the Waterbury station having just tested the new racks on the train to Waterbury.  

Nic, Andy, and Dave had a lovely ride back from Waterbury, and confirmed that the new service works seamlessly.  Enjoy the ride!

A caveat:  at present, only one bike is allowed per car, and there are only three cars that take bikes.  So if you're planning a rail-and-ride trip with your extended family, you'll need to wait until Roll-on Version 2.0 rolls out.  In the meantime, it works great for solo trips and small groups.