Supercharge Your E-bike Savings with BED's Rebate Boost!

You’ve seen them everywhere: parked outside the farmer’s market, loaded with kids in the school pickup line, passing you up a hill… Electric bikes are out there, being adopted by riders of all types. 

E-bike rebates have increased in Burlington!3 pictures of people on e-bikes: one person towing flowers, two of people towing their children
There’s never been a better time to get an e-bike in the Queen City. The Burlington Electric Department is now offering a $300 rebate on all e-bike purchases. Shop locally at participating bike shops for an instant rebate, applied at time of purchase. Rebates are also applicable to online purchases. See their page to learn more details!

BED Rebate Program

Why go Electric?
E-bikes and regular bikes  have a lot in common. They take us where we need to go, they help us exercise, and, most importantly, they bring us joy. The only difference is the assistance!

This article by People for Bikes explains why more people are choosing e-bikes.

 quote: when bicycling is made easier and more enjoyable, courtesy of pedal assist, it's more likely to become a part of people's everyday lifestyle

Whether they are towing heavy loads, keeping up with traffic on the daily commute, or need an extra boost to get up the steep hills, e-bikes push down barriers!