2017-2021 Strategic Plan

Local Motion's strategic plan is guided by our mission: to build a better Vermont through biking and walking. 


We work statewide to make biking and walking safe, accessible, and fun. We help communities become better places to bike and walk. We inspire people across Vermont to bike and walk. And we lead a movement for a bikeable, walkable Vermont.

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 Our Goals:

GOAL 1: Make biking and walking central to Vermont’s culture
GOAL 2: Build a statewide movement for better biking and walking
GOAL 3: Expand safe and connected bike and walk infrastructure
GOAL 4: Ensure Local Motion’s long-term health and stability

Five-year Vision:

In five years, Local Motion will have created a statewide network of supporters, activists, and partners who work to make Vermont communities of all kinds better for biking and walking. We will have reached more than half of Vermont’s 24,000 third through sixth graders every year with training in essential bike skills, engaging deeply in the process with the communities where they live to make biking part of everyday life for them and their families. Our bike ferry, bike rental, and bike parking businesses, as well as our engagement with bike-powered events of all kinds, will have become powerful vehicles for bringing biking and walking within reach for all Vermonters.

With our help, businesses and employers across Vermont will have become strong allies for on-the-ground change, working with us to strengthen their communities and their bottom line by encouraging and supporting biking and walking. People and organizations statewide will have joined us in a bike-walk coalition that emerges as a powerful force for legislative and policy change. Our work will result not only in a proliferation of connected networks for safe biking and walking, but also in a significant reduction in injuries and deaths among people walking and biking. As a result, biking and walking will have become a part of everyday life for a much larger percentage of Vermont’s population.

Action Statements: 

We lead a statewide movement for biking and walking in Vermont.

Over the next five years, Local Motion will build a coalition of businesses, organizations, and individuals who all share a vision of making Vermont the best state in the country for biking and walking.

We help Vermont communities become safe and welcoming places to bike and walk.

Over the next five years, Local Motion will recruit, train, and support a network of local ambassadors and advocates who take the lead in transforming their streets and roads for safe biking and walking.

We make biking and walking accessible for all Vermonters.

Over the next five years, Local Motion will work with schools and others to make safe everyday biking and walking a reality for kids and parents all across Vermont.

We inspire people to bike and walk in every corner of Vermont.

Over the next five years, Local Motion will support communities in bringing the joy of biking and walking to life through events, rides, celebrations, and more.

We get more butts on bikes and more feet on the streets!

Over the next five years, Local Motion will lead a movement to make biking and walking as “Vermont” as maple trees, red barns, and great beer.