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Windsor Schools, Bike Smart:

"Our students at Windsor Schools (State St. Schools) loved biking, learning to bike, helping others, fixing bikes, washing bikes, learning rules of the road, stopping, power starts, demon driveways…what to do at driveways, what to wear to be a safe biker, how to balance and see “how SLOW can you GO!”

Thank you so much."

Ms. Donna Dunkley Ewald

PE Teacher

October 2017

Dr. Scott Luria, Lifelong Bike Commuter:

Biking for some people is a lifelong love, especially for Dr. Scott Luria of Williston, VT. Year-round, it’s rare that Dr. Luria misses a day of bike commuting. For the past 25 years, only extreme weather events have stopped him from biking from his home in Williston to work at the UVM Medical Center. He shares his love of bike commuting with patients and encourages them to bike to work, grab groceries, or simply add some fun to their day.

Dr. Luria estimates he has commuted more than 200,000 miles by bike in his lifetime. He has never been in an accident. He attributes his safety to wearing bright clothes and lights and assuming that he’s invisible to motorists. With that mindset, caution and readiness for quick maneuvering are at its best. Now, with new and better bike infrastructure on Vermont roads—like the new bike lanes and intersection markings on Williston Road/Route 2 (Dr. Luria’s daily commuting route)—Dr. Luria hopes that his patients will feel safer and be encouraged to bike on the roads, too.

Dr. Luria’s reasons for riding everyday are simple: a feeling of freedom, financial savings, avoiding traffic, and benefits to his health. Though retirement is not far down the road, he shows no signs of slowing down. When the day comes that the daily commute is no more, Dr. Luria plans to tour America and the world—by bike, of course!

Ross Saxton

Business Partnerships Manager

October 2017