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A better Vermont for walking and biking depends on YOU!

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Sign a petition.

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Write an email to your city council or select board.

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Attend a public meeting and speak out for change. Everything you need to make a difference is right here.

Sign a Petition

This is the homepage for all of Local Motion's petitions. Click on a petition to learn more, and sign your name today!

PlanBTV Walk Bike Petition Bike Shops are Essential

Endorse a Goal

Local Motion works with local residents, community groups, and other partners across Vermont to identify and build support for specific goals for change on the ground. Click to view our active goals, find one you support, and add your name!

Speak Out for Change


Speak Out for Change

Find a Public Meeting

This calendar displays all public meetings on any of Local Motion's calendars.  If there is an important meeting about something related to walkable, bikeable communities that isn't shown here, please add it!

Become a Local Activist

The best way to make change happen is to get organized.  

Local Motion makes it easy by connecting activists with each other, community by community. Visit the Your Community section of our website and find your community. Then click the "Activist Directory" link in the sidebar and add your name.