Shelburne Implements Low-Cost, High-Impact Safety Improvement for Bay Road Underpass

bay_road_underpass_thumb.jpegThis summer, Shelburne demonstrated that making streets and roads safer for people walking and biking—not to mention driving—doesn't have to cost a fortune or take forever. Local Motion helped them get there.  How can we help in YOUR community?  If you have a goal for walking or biking that you need help getting traction on, fill us in!  We review all suggested goals and look for ones that have legs, then we work directly with community residents to make those goals a reality.


By converting the railroad underpass on Bay Road (a narrow, angled tunnel with poor sight lines) into the equivalent of a stop-controlled single-lane bridge, Shelburne created protected space on both sides for walking and biking.  They used nothing but paint, flexible plastic bollards, and stop signs.  It took just a few days to install. And voila!  A safer road for everyone.

For more details, check out our Bay Road Underpass project page.  And tell us how we can help make changes like this happen in YOUR community!