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Modifying existing infrastructure for cylcing and walking

On roads with sidewalks on both sides, one sidewalk can be converted into a bi-directional cycling path whereby the opposite sidewalk is left as is for pedestrian use. This can be simply implemented and is much safer than painting lines on roads.

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Work with State to Place Safe-Passing Sinage on Roads

Not sure how many drivers know about 23 V.S.A. § 1033 that requires drivers to exercise due care when passing vulnerable road users, and that recommends increasing clearance with increased speed. Since it is so difficult and expensive to reach people, signage on roads is one way, just like the Sharing the Road signs.

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Improved Striping on Roads

Many paved Vermont roads have either worn-out striping or none at all. Striping provides a virtual barrier between motorized and non-motorized traffic, and more-frequently traveled roads by motorists should be striped or re-striped,

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Artful bike racks and Copenhagen wheels to rent

Hi, I am in the Bennington area where we are only recently getting better access to bike paths etc. however, I have some ideas on how to make it even better! One is that it is very hilly here, as in most of the state, and I had a chance to ride my friends electric bike, what fun! She rides nearly every day because it made it possible for her to get up those Challenging hills that can really intimidate a new or "I haven't ridden in a while" rider. Also, we have precious few bike racks. There should be bike racks outside every cafe, brewery, gallery...but made by our many many talented sculptors in Vermont. Wild wacky wonderful and functional. Please count me on on such an initiative, I'd love to assist in any way I can. Thank you for doing this important work! Amy Anselmo

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89 Overpass

Support construction of a pedestrian/cycling Interstate 89 overpass parallel to Williston Road/Rte 2. The present connection between Burlington and South Burlington is neither safe nor attractive for walkers and people on bikes.

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