Burlington City Council: Implement PlanBTV Walk Bike!

In spring 2017, the Burlington City Council approved PlanBTV Walk Bike, the city's first-ever walk-bike master plan.  This plan is a blueprint for making Burlington the kind of place where anyone can bike and walk anywhere in safety and comfort. Now it is time to implement the plan!  Join the call for making the Queen City a great place to walk and bike.


To the Burlington City Council,

I am writing to you to ask you to do three things to support PlanBTV Walk Bike:

  1. Communicate to city staff and to fellow councilors that you support rapid overall implementation of the plan
  2. Support any specific projects that come before Council that are consistent with the plan
  3. Actively support and vote for operating and capital budgets as needed to implement the plan

This issue is very important to me.  I will follow with interest any community and Council meetings where the plan is discussed and voted on, and hope I can count on your support for the plan at those meetings.  

1,500 signatures

Will you sign?