Meet Our Staff

Our staff exemplifies experience, dedication, and a passion for doing the right thing. Whether we work in advocacy, education, or provide the terrific services Vermonters have come to expect, we all know that our work is all about making Vermont a happier, healthier, and wealthier place.

Local Motion staff standing in front of the Trailside Center holding bikes

Tom Clark - Director, Services and Marketing

Tom Clark portrait

I’m passionate about bikes, boats, and making things go. 

My work here at Local Motion checks all those boxes for me. I oversee Local Motion services which include the Trailside Center bike rentals, the Bike Ferry, Valet Bike Parking, and the organization’s marketing effort. Prior to coming to Local Motion, my career took me to lots of cool places, working with all sorts of companies, big and small; always for profit.

And my reward after all those years?

I found my way to Local Motion and quickly learned the value of making things go for a cause rather than a profit.

3 favorite things: spending time with family, being outdoors on bikes and in boats, camping and traveling

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Wylie Dulmage - Bike Fleet Service Coordinator/Lead Mechanic

Wylie Dulmage portraitRiding my bike to get to work in heavy Los Angeles traffic is how I began to become a true believer in the power of bicycles. With my bike, I was able to successfully track down a rumor of a thousand-person monthly bike party and join a huge community of midnight cyclists all over the city.  In this community, I learned how to work on bikes, made lifelong friends, and helped others get into cycling by running my own weekly "hustle" bike rides. It has since become my goal to emphasize and elevate alternative transit, particularly bicycles both to improve people’s lives and to perhaps reduce the effect of climate change. To this end, I have worked as the service manager at North America’s largest bike valet, have run locally-sponsored free repair days, and worked as a mechanic both for my own business and local bike shops.  I’m here to make sure all of the bikes at Local Motion are running safely and flawlessly, and to spread the knowledge and joy of bike maintenance to others.

3 favorite things: group bike rides, replacing car trips with bike rides, troubleshooting! 

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Christina Erickson - Executive Director

Christina Erickson portraitSince my first job as a children’s ski instructor, my life's work has been about connecting people and the natural world. I love that I can continue that theme, together with the Local Motion team, to bring positive change to our communities. I’m a proud resident of the Old North End of Burlington where my family and I share a home with our dog, bunny and chickens. I love to play outside in many ways (paddling, sailing, gardening, skiing - uphill, downhill and sideways) and invite anyone to take a walk or ride with me. Sometimes that walk around the block can make all the difference.

3 favorite things: growing/making/fixing things, dark chocolate, making someone smile

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Susan Grasso - Complete Streets Program Associate

Susan Grasso portraitMy relationship to transportation, and purposeful work, was transformed when the Webster Road shared use path was constructed in Shelburne. Active transportation, I discovered, supports a way of life that feeds many things I value: well being, positive community encounters, environmental sustainability, healthy child development, vibrant communities, aging in place, democratization of movement and recreational fun. The Italians got it right when they nominated the bike for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2016! Since then I have capitalized on my professional education and experience in environmental engineering and public policy to focus on creating better cities and towns by considering how our transportation systems shape our communities and our built form in turn shapes our transportation behaviors. I am thrilled to be a part of the Local Motion Complete Streets team helping to build places where others can also discover the harmony created by walkable and bikeable lifestyles.

3 favorite things: my family, riding my bike anywhere, Spinone Italiano pups

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Mary-Catherine Graziano - Senior Manager, Education, and Safety Programs 

Mary-Catherine Graziano portrait

I manage our education and safety programs --coordinating and scheduling a fleet of 4 20' trailers on their journey to delight kids throughout Vermont with loaner bikes, pretend roadkill, and tons of bike skills and bike safety games!  We also offer to learn to ride classes, and work with schools anywhere in Vermont to help students discover the delights of walking and biking to school!  Sometimes, in order to help kids walk and bike to school more, we have to figure out how to make the area around a school safer for walking and biking!
I love to walk and bike because, let's be honest, cars are convenient, but they're also enclosed.  You don't see, smell, hear and discover as much inside of a car as you do outside of it.  I love walking around my little island town, seeing neighbors outside, doing garden work, or reading a book, or enjoying the sunshine, and having little chats--all utterly impossible behind the windows of a car.  Walking and biking helps me slow down, discover community, and pay attention to the details that zip by in a car.
3 favorite things: reading, learning new things, exploring the woods--basically, adventures of one kind or another

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Portrait of Brenda Howley

Brenda Howley - Bookkeeper

I recently joined the Local Motion team as our bookkeeper and come to Local Motion with extensive passion for and knowledge of nonprofits. Over 12 years ago I created a small nonprofit to support children in India and have managed all aspects of my nonprofit. I also have over twenty years of experience in the paralegal field, most recently at Vermont Housing Finance Agency. In my spare time, you will find me paddling with my Dragonheart Vermont Team locally and around the world, as well as paddling with friends along the Vermont waterways. When I am not paddling, I actively enjoy hiking, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, biking, gardening, and cooking. I live in South Burlington and have two daughters and five grandchildren.  

3 favorite things: paddling, travel and fun with family

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Kristin Lawson - Operations Associate

Walking, biking, and rolling are fun – and I want to support folks in having as much fun as possible! Having safe spaces for these activities encourages healthier people, families, and communities. I’m excited to be part of the team at Local Motion where “fun” is in our mission statement - and we’re working to make our world a better place. As the Operations Associate I support and coordinate volunteers, support seasonal staff at the Trailside Center and Bike Ferry, and help with Bike Smart and many other projects. I’m a positive “people person” and when I'm not at work I'm likely hanging out with my family, riding my e-bike around town, exploring new places, cooking and sharing food with friends, working in my garden, seeing live music, or adventuring outside.

3 favorite things: family, food, travel

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Stu Lindsay - Valet Bike Parking Coordinator

Stu Lindsay portrait

It took just one bike ride in The Netherlands for Stu to realize the benefits of having a safe and secure place to leave your bike when you are shopping, going to a waterfront concert, or just about any other bike destination. After attending a Winning Campaigns workshop hosted by Local Motion, Phil Hammerslough and Stu revived the Valet Bike Parking program, going from only 150 bikes parked the first year to over 8,000 in 2018. Stu coordinates over 70 Valet Bike Parking events in a year, from the Burlington Farmers’ Market to the Waterfront Festivals – come by bike and say Hello! He won’t rest until we have a “Fietsenstalling” in Burlington- a safe and secure place for any cyclist- rich or poor, young or old to park their bike. 

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Daniel Liguori - Logistics Coordinator

Daniel Ligouri portrait

Cycling is my core passion in life; I ride for recreation, for transportation, for personal fitness, for adventure and much more. Growing up in the Netherlands, I took the ability to ride wherever I wanted on a safe, separated bike path for granted. When I tried to continue to utilize my bike as my primary form of transportation after moving to the United States, I quickly realized that cycling infrastructure is far from pervasive and motorized vehicles dominate the streets and roads. Undeterred, I have made it my life’s mission to increase the bikeability of places and to do everything I can to make cycling an accessible, fun, and safe way to get around for folks. As Logistics Coordinator for Local Motion I help manage the Bike Smart Program, which helps kids around the state gain the skills they need to ride a bike safely, as well as facilitate the many other programs that Local Motion does to enable biking, walking and rolling in Vermont! When I do step off the bike, you will likely find me spending time with my partner and our wonderful dogs, Puck and McFly. 

3 favorite things:  cycling as far as I can, podcasts on history/economics/politics, and breathing the air on the coldest day of the year

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Grace Pfeil - Communications Coordinator

I am a lifelong Vermonter and I love being outside and enjoying all of the beauty Vermont has to offer. I believe strongly in the power of connection and interdependence, which is strengthened when we walk, roll, and bike together. As Communications Coordinator, I support Local Motion’s amazing programs and tell our story through our online presence. When I'm not at Local Motion you can find me gardening, swimming in the Huntington river and taking walks in my neighborhood.

3 favorite things: sunshine, friends, good food

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Jessica Poulin - Program Coordinator

I spent many years working as an educator, both teaching English as a foreign language in South Korea, as well as working with kids with special needs here in Vermont. After that, I got my MS in Sustainable Development and Climate Change from Antioch University New England. It was here that I really developed an interest in how people get to the places they need to go, the barriers to getting there, and the negative impact our current transportation system has on our health, our communities, and the planet. Our transportation system can be transformed so our communities are walkable, bikeable, roll-able, and liveable on a human (not car) scale for everyone.

At Local Motion, I manage our E-Bike Lending Libraries, assist with the Bike Smart Program, the Everyday Bicycling Project, as well as bicycling encouragement programs.

3 favorite things: being outside and exploring new places by foot and bike, knitting and sewing, houseplants and gardening

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Jonathon Weber - Senior Manager, Complete Streets Program

Jonathon Weber portraitAs a kid, I spent a lot of time jumping my bike off the raised corners where driveway aprons met grass along my neighborhood street. And I just sort of kept riding, and finding more and more friends and community along the way—out in the woods building dirt jumps, suffering to the top of a grueling climb on a mountain bike, and cruising down the bike path. Now, I’m working to build a bike community and culture by advocating for safe walking and biking infrastructure in communities throughout Vermont. Someday, I hope everyone has a commute that’s as good as my 4-mile ride down the Burlington Greenway.

3 favorite things: riding bikes with friends, riding bikes alone, eating ice cream

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