Meet Our Staff

Our staff exemplifies experience, dedication, and a passion for doing the right thing. Whether we work in advocacy, education, or provide the terrific services Vermonters have come to expect, we all know that our work is all about making Vermont a happier, healthier, and wealthier place.

Eliana Fox - Program Coordinator

I discovered the joy and empowerment of using bicycles for transportation during my first summer living in Burlington when all I had to get myself around was my first commuter bike. At the time, I also had the opportunity to do research on Vermont’s bike history with one of my favorite professors at UVM. Learning that Vermonters have been advocating for bicycling infrastructure since the 1890s, but that women, people of color, and people of low socioeconomic status were also excluded from bicycling as transportation in the Vermont’s past motivates me to make sure that everybody has access to bikes or other sustainable transportation options to get them where they need to go. Through Local Motion’s e-bike lending libraries and other programming, I get to empower people to learn about and get on bikes so that they can discover the joy that comes with moving through the world on two wheels.

3 favorite things: Long runs through the woods, religious literacy, dried mango

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Karen Yacos - Executive Director


Throughout my career, whether leading programs at nonprofits or corporations, I’ve been driven by a passion for creating sustainable and livable places.  Now, I work with the Local Motion community (staff, board members, partners, volunteers, and the public) who share that passion and know that biking and walking is a way to get there.  We need more communities where you can choose to not drive a car; where it is pleasant and safe to jump on a bike, a skateboard, into your shoes or onto a bus, and get where you want to go. Why not?  Walking and biking as a mode of transportation are better for people’s health and for the planet.  Imagine if we all burned more carbohydrates and less carbon.

3 favorite things: Skiing, exploring new places in VT, and around the world, cooking amazing meals from local ingredients (including those found in the woods behind my house). 

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Jonathon Weber - Manager, Complete Streets Program

Brian_Costello.jpgAs a kid, I spent a lot of time jumping my bike off the raised corners where driveway aprons met grass along my neighborhood street. And I just sort of kept riding, and finding more and more friends and community along the way—out in the woods building dirt jumps, suffering to the top of a grueling climb on a mountain bike, and cruising down the bike path. Now, I’m working to build a bike community and culture by advocating for safe walking and biking infrastructure in communities throughout Vermont. Someday, I hope everyone has a commute that’s as good as my 4-mile ride down the Burlington Greenway.

3 favorite things: Riding bikes with friends, riding bikes alone, eating ice cream.

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Laurie Keve - Development Manager

A 4 ½-mile commute by bike from my front door along the Island Line Trail to work on the Burlington waterfront? Yes, thank you! When I’m not fundraising for Local Motion, my family and I take full advantage of the quality of life in Colchester – sailing, kayaking, bike-riding, hiking, skiing, concerts in the park … With a background in recreation and trails grants management for the State of Vermont and non-profit leadership in Waterbury, my path crossed Local Motion’s (pun intended) for nearly 3 decades before I finally had the opportunity to work here. It’s a blast to collaborate with my talented colleagues and to give our donors and mission partners opportunities to support the work that Local Motion does. 

3 favorite things: Sunset from our sailboat on Lake Champlain. Spring arrival of great blue herons to Delta Park. Traveling with my family.

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Leslye Dentch - Bookkeeper

Leslye.jpgLeslye is a transplanted New Yorker coming to Vermont for more snow! Walking, hiking, and cross-country skiing are her main activities but she finds just being outdoors, in general, is good enough.  She has a strong office manager and bookkeeping background and does her best to keep all of us at Local Motion free of the detailed, mundane, and day-to-day tasks so we can concentrate on promoting people-powered transportation and recreation for healthy and sustainable Vermont communities. 

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Lynne Graves - Director, Finance and HR

Lynne_Graves.JPGI love to be active!  I love to be outdoors! That is what attracted me to Local Motion- an organization with a mission to get people outside and moving. When not tending to finance and human resources that need at work, I can be found participating in a variety of activities such as running, gardening, rowing in my single, sailing, and skiing.  As Dr. Suess reminds us, “You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.” I try to inspire others to do the same.

3 favorite things: Family. Sunsets over Lake Champlain. Anything vanilla

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Mary Catherine Graziano - Senior Manager, Education, and Safety Programs 


I manage our education and safety programs --coordinating and scheduling a fleet of 4 20' trailers on their journey to delight kids throughout Vermont with loaner bikes, pretend roadkill, and tons of bike skills and bike safety games!  We also offer to learn to ride classes, and work with schools anywhere in Vermont to help students discover the delights of walking and biking to school!  Sometimes, in order to help kids walk and bike to school more, we have to figure out how to make the area around a school safer for walking and biking, which calls for Allegra's expertise!
I love to walk and bike because, let's be honest, cars are convenient, but they're also enclosed.  You don't see, smell, hear and discover as much inside of a car as you do outside of it.  I love walking around my little island town, seeing neighbors outside, doing garden work, or reading a book, or enjoying the sunshine, and having little chats--all utterly impossible behind the windows of a car.  Walking and biking helps me slow down, discover community, and pay attention to the details that zip by in a car.
3 favorite things: Reading. Learning new things. Exploring the woods--basically, adventures of one kind or another.

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Sarah Illingworth - Communications Manager

Growing up in the countryside with no car meant biking to everything; sporting practices, the library, friends' houses, work - you name it! My cruiser bike and I left track marks all over Quechee and the surrounding areas. My love of biking combined with my extensive background in communications and digital media, made Local Motion the best place for me! From designing graphic materials to developing social media content, managing our website to creating newsletters, I'm helping to support Local Motion as we work to make biking and walking the easier choice! 


3 favorite things: Hiking the Adirondack 46ers and the NH 48ers. Skiing. Exploring the National Parks (the goal is to see them all in my lifetime!).  

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 Stu Lindsay - Valet Bike Parking Coordinator


It took just one bike ride in The Netherlands for Stu to realize the benefits of having a safe and secure place to leave your bike when you are shopping, going to a waterfront concert, or just about any other bike destination. After attending a Winning Campaigns workshop hosted by Local Motion, Phil Hammerslough and Stu revived the Valet Bike Parking program, going from only 150 bikes parked the first year to over 8,000 in 2018. Stu coordinates over 70 Valet Bike Parking events in a year, from the Burlington Farmers’ Market to the Waterfront Festivals – come by bike and say Hello! He won’t rest until we have a “Fietsenstalling” in Burlington- a safe and secure place for any cyclist- rich or poor, young or old to park their bike. 

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Tanawat Luekr-u-suke – Logistics Coordinator

I am a born and raised New Yorker who has spent the last 30 years living there & the last 16 years commuting through New York City. Over the last 7 years, I commuted 10 miles every day to work. I have also worked with freegan bike co-ops, Uptown & Boogie Bicycle Advocacy, raced in alleycats, raced in a velodrome, and participated at critical mass.  As Logistics Coordinator, I work behind the scenes making sure my coworkers have one less thing to worry about.

3 favorite things: Repping NYC, Cycling & Fermentation.

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Tom Clark - Director, Services and Marketing


I’m passionate about bikes, boats, and making things go. 

My work here at Local Motion checks all those boxes for me. I oversee Local Motion services which include the Trailside Center bike rentals, the Bike Ferry, Valet Bike Parking, and the organization’s marketing effort. Prior to coming to Local Motion, my career took me to lots of cool places, working with all sorts of companies, big and small; always for profit.

And my reward after all those years?

I found my way to Local Motion and quickly learned the value of making things go for a cause rather than a profit.

3 favorite things: Spending time with family. Being outdoors on bikes and in boats. Camping and traveling.

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