Local Motion, Skirack, and Burlington PD Partner for Nighttime Bike Safety

nighttime_biker.jpgLocal Motion staff and volunteers hit the streets in Burlington last night to get high-quality bike lights on "ninja" bikes. We counted about 80 riders coming through the intersection of Pearl Street & Winooski Avenue in the space of two hours.  The good news?  Two-thirds of them already had lights on their bikes! Check out our Twitter feed for photos, reactions, and more.

Local Motion organized this outreach event in partnership with the Burlington Police Department and Skirack.  We got some great advance coverage from Channel 22.   We installed light sets for about a dozen riders.  (About a dozen were moving too fast or didn't want lights.  Go figure.) We gave coupons and safety info to many more.

Safer biking starts with safer roads, and we're on that.  But safer bikers are a part of the picture too.  Thanks, everyone, for a great night's event!