Local Motion Adds New Bike Routes and Businesses to Interactive Map

Local Motion is excited to announce the addition of over 170 business locations and two new bike routes to its Interactive Biking and Walking Map. The “ONE Love Loop” and the Pine Street “Arts & Craft Loop” are now waiting to be discovered via Local Motion’s Interactive Map. The map helps users know where to go as they find local parks, beaches, restaurants and bars, hotels, shops, and public restrooms.

The ONE Love Loop is an urban route of Burlington’s Old North End, showcasing many amazing restaurants, markets, public art, historic sites, and neat neighborhoods. Learn more about the Old North End here.

The Pine Street Arts & Craft Loop takes users on a leisurely ride down the Greenway and through Burlington's historic arts district on Pine Street. Stop for craft beer, local art, and fantastic food along the way! Both routes include slight hills, city streets with and without bike lanes, variable paving conditions and possible construction zones.

“We are excited to see the expansion of Local Motion’s Interactive Map to include two new bike routes that promote and celebrate Burlington’s small businesses. These new routes will help visitors explore new neighborhoods and support amazing local businesses along the way.” – Will Clavelle, Assistant Director of Business Development, Department of Business and Workforce Development

The Pine Street “Arts & Craft Loop” and the “ONE Love Loop” introduce visitors and locals alike to the vibrancy of Burlington and encourage users to shop local along the way. Thousands of summer visitors can enjoy exploring Burlington and the Champlain Islands by bike and by foot using Local Motion’s Interactive Map. Discover Burlington using the Interactive Map at vtbikeped.org

Contact Tom Clark at [email protected] with any questions.