Local Motion Interactive Map

Burlington’s downtown and waterfront is a magnet for travelers. Local Motion developed an interactive map to help our bike rental customers Know Where to Go to discover hotels, restaurants, breweries, museums, shops, public parking, restrooms, parks, beaches and more.

Our map displays participating advertiser locations as well as important visitor amenities. As we grow our advertiser base, more and more visitors are finding this valuable tool. 

Map Metrics    

  • 2021 - users = 19,265, visits to map location’s websites =  33,227
  • 2022 - users = 21,104, Visits to map location’s websites = 36,084

How it Functions                    

  • The map is intended for use primarily on a mobile phone and is easily found by scanning a QR code.
  • The map is not an "App", there is nothing to download onto the phone. It connects by either 4G or 5G networks or Wi-Fi.
  • The user must enable the phone to share its location with the map. This allows the map to follow the user. 
  • The map is populated by advertiser and landmark “pin” icons. Each icon is denoted by business category; restaurant, hotel, shopping, museum, breweries etc, as well as public amenities like restrooms, beaches, scenic locations, and parking. 
  • Icons on the map can be tapped by the user to activate a brief descriptive popup window. A “Get Directions” button is also an option that will guide the user directly to that location from where they are standing.
  • A second tap will activate a link to the location’s website which can feature menus, online shopping, reservation pages etc.
  • At the very bottom of the screen there enabled rotational ad displays for participating advertisers.
  • We distribute “Know Where to Go” window decals to participating businesses and locations so that visitors can easily access the map using a QR code.

Get on the map!                   

A fully enabled location (pop-up description, link to website, link to a rotating ad display) is $300 per year for advertisers. A location only icon with business name is free. Locations for public amenities and points of interest are free. 

For questions please contact Tom Clark – [email protected] 802-999-6369