North Williston Road safety

I live in North Williston, a lovely hamlet at the bottom of North Williston Road immediately before the Winooski River. There's been discussion that when the town restripes North Williston Road, they will make the lanes narrower. This should allow for additional shoulder space for bicyclists and discourage speeding. As a resident of North Williston Road, I love seeing bicyclists on our road but I'm concerned with their safety as cars regularly top 55 mph in our 35 mph zone (with minimal police presence to discourage speeding). I'd love it if you could help us address this issue with the town.

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  • MaryBeth Hibbert
    commented 2016-07-12 14:54:59 -0400
    Having once lived in Williston for a few years, traveling on North Williston Road, to me, has always been a very dangerous road…..curves and speed. Making bike lanes but not widening the road is only going to make that road more dangerous. I would be very concerned with that outcome.