Falls Road Unsafe for Walkers

Did you know that the sidewalk on Falls Road is "at grade" with the street? Falls Road runs from the 4-way stop with Mt. Philo Rd into the heart of Shelburne Village. Besides being at grade, there is no barrier of any type between the Road and the sidewalk. With a speed limit of 35 miles per hour, which only decreases to 30 as the road approaches several closely spaced pedestrian cross walks, this is indeed a dangerous place to walk. We have approached the Town Manager who has done one small thing (putting a "Speed Zone Ahead" sign just before one of the pedestrian cross walks). We realize that re-engineering the road is out of the question. But, will it take a death before we're able to put up some kind of barrier (flexible bollards, etc.)? The town's own speed data shows cars speed drastically on this stretch. We need help to make Shelburne a safe place to walk and bike. Residents on Marsett Drive are equally displeased with the speeding behavior of cars. It's ironic that this unsafe sidewalk parallels the beautiful LaPlatte Nature Preserve, which is a delightful place to walk. Since Falls Rd. is zoned Village Residential, it makes sense that the speed limit should be lowered to 25. How can we make this happen?