America Walks 2017 Webinar Series on Building Walkable Communities (it's free!)

walking_animation_by_ivy_mitsuno-d5uqern.gifCheck out this sure-to-be informative, free(!) America Walks webinar series on building walkable communities. Coming your way on the second Wednesday of every month throughout 2017, experts as well as advocates and municipal representatives will present sase studies from around the country, and discuss what makes a city walkable and how to do it in your community.


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Topics will include: 
  • How to build walkable communities
  • Rural walkability
  • Data collection for measuring results
  • Case studies from new and old, small and large walkable communities
Vermont has some very walkable communities - especially downtowns and village centers that were built for walking. Walkability should also be a priority for new development as well. It's integral to continued sustainability and success that our communities continue to be walkable -- for people aging in place, for families and children and for our health and safety and economic vitality.  
We hope you will take a look at the choices and attend the webinars that look interesting and that will build your capacity to help your community be walkable! Then let us know how Local Motion can help get you there!
Here's a link to the full series of webinars from America Walks: