Donating Securities

A gift of appreciated stocks or other securities can be a tax-wise way to support Local Motion.

If you have a position in your investment portfolio that appreciated in value, you normally need to pay capital gains taxes on that increase. But if you donate appreciated assets, you can not only deduct the value of the charitable contributions from that years' taxes but you also get to avoid getting taxed on the unrealized gain of the donated stock.*

To make a gift of stock to Local Motion, please instruct your broker to transfer the stocks or bonds to Local Motion’s account at:

Charles Schwab
Account # 5720-9766
DTC# 0164

Please notify or have your broker notify Local Motion when you make your gift, so we can appropriately acknowledge your gift. (Otherwise, we may not know who the gift is coming from.)

If you have any questions, contact Lynne Graves at [email protected], or tel 802-861-2700 Ext 109.

Your support means a lot to us! Click here to see how your gift will have impact right away.

Making Charitable Donations of Stock Instead of Cash After Tax Reform
Forbes 11/26/2018


Local Motion is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Our EIN is 03-0361422.