Construction on South Hero's South Street Updates

South Hero's South Street is currently under construction. Ultimately, the project will span South Street from between Martin Rd. and Landon Rd., a total distance of about 1.3 miles.  The construction will take place in two phases. Phase 1 - will take place from Martin Rd to West Shore Rd. Phase 2 - will be taking place from West Shore Rd. to Landon Rd.  Expected completion date for Phase 1 is the end of July. Expected construction completion date of Phase 2 is late summer/early fall. Construction and detours are a bummer for biking but ultimately, the work that is being done now is going to make South Shore so much more accessible and comfortable for everyone (regardless of their mode of transportation) in the future. So thank you for your understanding and patience!

It is important to note that this information is being provided as a convenience and is intended for reference only.  Local Motion assumes no responsibility or liability for any loss or damage suffered as a result of reliance on or misuse of the information. For more information on the construction taking place, please visit


August 18 update


South Street in South Hero is completely closed to through vehicle traffic between Landon Road and the Whipple/West Shore intersection during week days. South Street, when open, is passable by bike but sections are rough. Detours have been made to direct folks to East Shore Road via Whipple and Landon roads. We've made up a map of these detours, but please be aware that this map reflects what we've been told and may not 100% accurately reflect route availability.  

June 26 update

When construction begins between West Shore Rd. and Landon Rd, that section of Shore Street will be closed to traffic during daylight hours. South Street will open to traffic for evenings and weekends. During its closure, a detour will be provided directing people out Whipple Rd. to East Shore Rd. or from West Shore Rd. to Lakeview Rd.


May 22 update

Work began on April 25th on the section from Martin Rd. to West Shore Rd.