Isle La Motte Loves Local Motion

Isle La Motte Elementary School has been a long time partner with Local Motion and the Bike Smart program. It's a tradition our students and parents look forward to each year.

Isle La Motte schoolchildren improve their bike skills through games and on-bike activities designed to help them become safe and confident bike riders using the lessons of the Bike Smart curriculum. Bike Smart teaches children that a bicycle is a vehicle. To be a responsible driver, they must follow the rules of the roads. The title of our program includes "smart" because our emphasis is on thinking while riding your bicycle.

We have a popular bike incentive program to accompany bike activities. Each time a student rides and/or walks to school, they receive a punch on their card. Ten punches earn the student an incentive bike prize and a place on the "Wall of Fame" Two of our sixth-grade students have challenged each other to ride their bike daily. Not only are they having fun while riding their bikes, they've realized biking to school provides them the freedom to enjoy fresh air and feel healthy.

Our program is based on a simple premise: our kids should be able to safely walk and bike to school. Local Motion provided us the foundation to create and sustain our bike smart program.

Isle La Motte "loves" Local Motion!

Barbara Larvey
Physical Education Teacher
October 2017

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